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The story of a very different Space Race by nixonshead.

In early 1940 Sergei Pavlovich Korolev dies whilst being recalled from the notorious Soviet gulag of Kolyma.

In the years that follow, Chief Designer Yevgeny Vasilyevich Sinilshchikov has to design the Soviet ICBM, the R-6. But engineers, politicians and industrial interests on both sides of the Iron Curtain have their own dreams for the future of rocket technology…

You can find the complete thread here.

In 2016 the timeline was nominated for the Turtledoves in two catagories: Best After 1900 before 1960 Timeline and Best Alternate History Graphic.

Background Information


A list of chapters so far, for reader convenience.

Part One

Post 01 Teaser

Post 02 Spoils of War

Post 03 Race to Orbit

Post 04 We Have Liftoff!

Post 05 Action and Reaction.

Post 06 The Soviet Conquest of Space

Post 07 America’s Road to the Stars

Post 08 Nations Divided.

Post 09 Bang, Zoom! Straight to the Moon!

Post 10 The First Man

Part Two

Post 01 Teaser II

Post 02 Space Race

Post 03 Dynasoar Evolution

Post 04 Making Raketoplans

Post 05 The Final Frontier

Post 06 Orbital Dual

Post 07a Events, Dear Boy…

Post 07b Outrageous Fortune (Guest Post by Brainbin)

Post 08 The King is Dead

Post 09 Voyage to the Planets

Post 10 Wings on Orbit

Part Three

Post 01 Teaser III

Post 02 Proof of Concept

Post 03 The Call of the Future

Post 04 Deep Freeze

Post 05 Rise of the Robots

Post 06 Yes, But What’s it For?

Post 07 Perturbations

Post 08 Launching for the Future

Post 09 Year of Crisis

Post 10 Kolyma Kulture 1966-73 (Guest Post by Brainbin)

Post 11 From the Earth to the Moon

Part Four

Post 01 Teaser IV

Post 02 Over the Moon

Post 03 America Decides

Post 04 Restructuring

Post 05 Planetary Pilgrimages

Post 06 The Expendables

Post 07 Coming In from the Cold

Post 08 Fantastic Fiction (Guest Post by Brainbin)

Post 09 Space Wars

Post 10 Handshake in Orbit

Post 11 End of an Era


Vignette 1 The First Woman in Space - Part 1 (by tonyq)

Vignette 2 The First Woman in Space - Part 2 (by tonyq)

Vignette 3 The First Woman in Space - Part 3 (by tonyq)

Vignette 4 The First Woman in Space - Part 4 (by tonyq)

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