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 +===== King Zog =====
 +{{  http://​​science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/​upload/​d/​df/​Kingzog.jpg ​ }}
 +**King Zog** (1895-1967) After  being forced into exile in 1939 when Italy took control of Albania, King Zog moved temporarily to Egypt, where he became a friend of King Farouk. Following World War II, Zog reclaimed his throne with the aid of the British and forces loyal to him and restored the democratic constitution. In the post-war years, Zog called for modernization of Albania.
 +When King Zog passed away in February of 1967, Albania was emerging as a stable country with a growing economy and improving standards of living. The Albanian military had been modernized and was the nations largest employer. At the end of millennium, Zog is remembered fondly in Albania, and has been honored many times over in Tirana.
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