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The Kangaroo and Raccoon Empires Combined

A combination of two earlier timelines, The Kangaroo Empire by robertp6165, and The Raccoon Empire by tom. The two timelines were merged by robertp6165, with new material added.

The Kangaroo Empire is an empire covering all of the continent of Australia, founded and inhabited by Propleopus Sapiens, a species of intelligent kangaroo. This species is descended from Propleopus Oscillans, a carnivorous kangaroo which, in OTL, became extinct along with the great Australian megafauna, tens of thousands of years ago. In the ATL, Propleopus Oscillans, 750,000 years ago, develops a true grasping hand and begins to use tools. They develop ever more advanced technology, and by the time the ancestors of OTLs Australian Aborigines arrive, the Kangaroos are too powerful, and humanity never gets a permanent foothold in Australia.

The Raccoon Empire is an empire covering all of North and South America, founded and inhabited by Procyon Sapiens, a species of intelligent raccoon. Although initially technologically they develop much slower than the Kangaroos and the Humans, they are able, partly by their great numbers and partly by adapting human technology captured from invading human groups, to survive and hold onto most of the Western Hemisphere. Eventually, their technology surpasses that of both the humans and the kangaroos, and the world is nearly destroyed as a result.

Sounds interesting? You can read it here.

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