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An ASB timeline by Max Sinister playing on a tilted Earth. Inspired by Chris Wayan's Jaredia world (see also: World Dream Bank), who named it in honor of Jared Diamond, who wrote in “Guns, Germs and Steel” about the theory that continents with a big west-east extension are especially favored in the competition for world domination (pigs and wheat do well in both France and China, but Mexican corn took centuries to adapt to Ohio). Jaredia features a wide tropical zone from Java-Sumatra via East Asia and East Siberia to the Americas, so development of civilization should go way faster than IOTL. The TL starts with humans evolving from apes 5 million years before present, making it one of the few really long-term TLs.

Current year: 4,000 BCE

You can find the project here.

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