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Io Mihailŭ, Împĕratul Românilor : A Michael the Brave Romania Wank by Zagan

An early modern Romanian timeline with a 17th century divergence. Created and written by Zagan, it is in progress since 2015 and currently in the early 18th century. You can read the main thread here.

Premise and POD

Late 16th century Prince of Wallachia, Michael the Brave, meets a different fate in 1601 than in OTL, an outcome which then shapes the history of early modern Romanian-speaking lands.


An overview of chapters is available in the timeline's opening post.

An overview of maps and other visual materials is available in the timeline's opening post.

Possibly the most extensive timeline dealing with Romanian alternate history yet.

The timeline was nominated for a Turtledove Award in 2017, but didn't win in its category.

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