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How Silent Fall the Cherry Blossoms

The Japanese military commits, on November 5, 1944, a biological attack on the USA.

While the US Government tries to deal with bubonic plague in several US cities,

the Japanese attack, force the Third Reich, to plans something unthinkable…

Written by Geon with support and technical help by the Forums members (thanks a lot!) Note: All person in story mark with a * are fictional


Post 1: Beginning of the Japanese attack on Los Angeles with biological weapons

Post 2: The bomb raid on Los Angeles

Post 3: Emperor Hirohito is informed by Vice Admiral Jisaboro Ozawa about the use of bioweapons against the USA

post 4: Digest of first 3 posts

post 5: Human Nature

Post 6: First Signs and a Fireside Chat

Post 7: Meet Bill Pulaski–and friends

Post 8: President Roosevelt is informed about the biological attack

Post 9: Patient #1

Post 10: The LACG

Post 11: Donovan and a Footnote

Post 12: Children's Hospital

Post 13: The Horsemen (of the apocalypse)

Post 14: Morning Meeting (of the LACG)

Post 15: Cabinet Meeting (in the White House)

Post 16: Speech and Spread

Post 17: Morning in Los Angeles and the plot thickens

Post 18: Meanwhile in Berlin

Post 19: Night in LA and Spread

Post 20: Meet me in St. Louis ( The plague had come to St. Louis)

Post 21: Meanwhile back at the White House!

Post 22: Brooklyn

Post 23: Balloons Anyone? (next phase of Japanese bioweapons attack on USA)

Post 24: And back in Los Angeles

Post 25: Washington Meetings and the Scoreboard

Post 26: German Plans

Post 27: FDR's Speech #1

Post 28: Los Angeles/Hollywood

Post 29: More from St. Louis and Brooklyn

Post 30: And in San Francisco.

Post 31: Crime wave (in Los Angeles)

post 32: A New Day

Post 33: From Villainy Comes a Hero (Emperor Hirohito going through diplomatic channels to try to stop the madness)

Post 34: Update: Los Angeles and a Familiar Face

Post 35: Los Angeles and Brooklyn

Post 36: Update in Berlin

Post 37: Situation Across the Country (of the USA)

Post 38: Battle of Manzanar (a lynch mob tries to raid the Manzanar Relocation Center)

Post 39: War and Faith

Post 40: A Grim Scorecard

Post 41: New York

Post 42: Back at the Berghof

Post 43: Update on Brooklyn

Post 44: NATJAB Emergency Meeting

Post 45: Plague Riots

Post 46: Update on Los Angeles and Washington

Post 47: FDR's Speech #2

Post 48: Back in New York

Post 49: Martial Law-St. Louis

Post 50: Los Angeles and Chaplin

Post 51: OCD and White House

Post 52: A Friendly Conversation (between General Hawthorne and New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia)

Post 53: Update on Emperor Hirohito's diplomatic effort, the Germans' plans, and the number of plague victims in the USA

Post 54: The situation in Los Angeles and Washington

Post 55: St. Louis and the Mercy Train

Post 56: Snake Oil Salesmen and Detroit

Post 57: Misgivings at Kransberg Castle and sinister musings at the Berghof

Post 58: Dr. Phelps/Balloon bombs/Curtis Lemay

Post 59: Goering and Von Braun/Update for NATJAB/Musings of Hirohito.

Post 60: Washington, Montana, and Germany

Post 61: Washington, Montana and Moscow

Post 62: Situation reports in Washington and departures in Berlin

Post 63: Washington and London

Post 64: Another day and the briefcase contents are revealed (Emperor Hirohito's attempt to go through diplomatic channels to stop the madness)

Post 65: Washington and the early reactions to Emperor Hirohito's letter

Post 66: Update on Los Angeles / Over the skies of Wyoming

Post 67: Events are unfolding in Stockholm and London as well

Post 68: NATJAB's latest update on the crisis / Admiral Doenitz's last honorable act as officer / Dr. Von Braun working in Mittelwerk.

Post 69: Interlude: The next 4 days.

Post 70: Another update on Emperor Hirohito's efforts and Otto Skorzeny's preparations

Post 71: Hirohito is about to get a pleasant surprise

Post 71: More preparation in the USA and the Third Reich

Post 72: Another short update on preparations

Post 73: Winston Churchill in The White House and the Wehrmacht's deployment on the Western Front.

Post 74: The SS takeover of the Arctic Dream/Moscow: Stalin gets a offer which he can't not resist.

Post 75: Interlude: the next six days

Post 76: Events on December 15th, 1944

Post 78: Start of Trojan Victory

Post 79: Phase II of Trojan Victory

Post 80: Phase III of Trojan Victory

Post 81: Meanwhile in Washington

Post 82: Last Phase of Trojan Victory and the death of a General

Post 83: Henry Wallace, Acting President

Post 84: Montgomery's Quandery

Post 85: General George Patton was out for blood!

Post 86: The Swedish Embassy in US and it's problems with the Arctic Dream.

Post 87: Churchill's reaction to matters: take the leash off of this particular bulldog, Air Chief Marshall Arthur Harris !

Post 88: And here's another surprise by the Germans

Post 89: Bradley in Command

Post 90: Montgomery's Plans

Post 91: German Fifth Army becomes war criminals

Post 92: The German East front/ Eleanor Roosevelt, the voice of FDR

Post 93: Update on Belgium frontline

Post 94: The Revolt of 23 Actors

Post 95: Speaking of a certain husky voiced German singer/actress (Marlene Dietrich}

Post 96: update on General Patton in Luxembourg

Post 97: The Second Ballte of Waterloo, Montgomery vs. Sepp Dietrich and Hasso von Manteufel

Post 98: On the Vistula (The Situation on East Front)

Post 99: Unternehmen Bodenplatte (Operation Baseplate) but with a Twist!

Post 100: Los Angeles and The Hollywood Stars who Stayed

Post 101: Daryl Cleaver “The man was like an angel“ and Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia most famous speeches known as the Christmas Eve Speech of 1944.

Post 102: Update on Philadelphia, The city of brotherly love probably could use some right about now.

Post 103: London and Arthur Harris “Bomber” Harris.

Post 104: Air Battle over Belgium aka Death of Luftwaffe

Post 105: Christmas Eve in Brussels

Post 106: Christmas in Los Angeles

Post 107: On the Vistula, or how Marshall Zhukov deal with German Gas Attacts

Post 108: Franklin and Eleanor

Post 109: Third battle of Waterloo, this time Patton vs. Hasso von Mantueffel.

Post 110: The battle of Antwerp and situation in Zhukov’s HQ east of the Vistula

Post 111: “Annihilate the 6th Panzer Army!”, Patton arrival at Antwerp

Post 112: German Military Briefing at Kransberg Castle

Post 113: the last flight of Curtis Le May

Post 114: Military Briefing at SHAEF HQ, Paris

Post 115: Frankfurt Raid, the beginn of Operation Carthage West.

Post 116: Here is an update from Marechal Zhukov's perspective. Enjoy!

Post 117: Preparation for Operation Frankenstein

Post 118: Year's End Part I (Los Angeles with Interlude by Harpo Marx)

Post 119: Interlude Part I (St. Louis, New York, Washington, D.C., Boston, Philadelphia:)

Post 120: Interlude Part II (St. Louis, New York, Washington, D.C., Boston, Philadelphia:)

Post 121: The Berghof and Stockholm

Post 122: Situation in Siberia and Tokyo

Post 123: Another Germans nerve gas attack on Antwerp

Post 124: Los Angeles Parade (of the Return of Hollywood)

Post 125: Sweden takes a decision: They Declare War to the Third Reich and start to liberate Norway !

Post 126: Sweden stands Alone in this war

Post 127: Wainwright and Tokyo Rose (Emperor Hirohito's attempt to go through diplomatic channels to stop the madness)

Post 128: the Situation in USA , The European War Theater and the Soviet/Japanese Frontier.

Post 129: Wainwright in Washington (Emperor Hirohito's attempt to go through diplomatic channels to stop the madness)

Post 130: The Nordic Pact, or the formation of the Greater Nordic Union.

Post 131: Operation Vegetarian, Prime Minister Winston Churchill thinks about the unthinkable…

Post 132: Harry Truman and Roosevelt

Post 133: And what about Hitler ?

Post 134: General Omar Bradley

Post 135: President Truman and Roosevelt last dream.

Post 136: Reactions to Roosevelt's death and a few other matters dealt with here.

Post 137: Tokyo Rose has a message for MacArthur

Post 138: Plans and Musings of a Megalomaniac

Post 139: Wehrmacht Norwegian Debacle

Post 140: And in meantime in Manchuria

Post 141: Operation Frankenstein and the fate of Dr. Ishii

Post 141B: Picture of 2nd Lieutenant Peter Anderson as he was taken off the plane in Canton before being driven to Unit 731’s laboratory complex.

Post 142: The Second Tokyo Fire Raid

Post 143: Otto Skorzeny bio. a guest post by Michel Van

Post 144: Emperor Hirohito's diplomatic attempt to stop the madness succeed !

Post 145: The situation in Japan, Norway, Germany and Italy

Post 146: VJ Day: the Empire of Japan official surrender to the USA

Post 147: Hitler Operation Phoenix

Post 148: The situation in Japan, Norway, Germany

Post 149: The Spring Offensive of the Allies

Post 150: Marshall Zhukov troops cross over river Oder

Post 151: Goodbye to Goering

Post 152: Phoenix Vault or Hitler last moment…

Post 152B: Details on Phoenix Vault by Michel Van

Post 153: Gotterdamnerung of the Third Reich

Post 154: Epiloge part one: Japan after WW2

Post 155: Korea War may 9 - july 7, 1952

Post 156: The Manchurian People’s Republic. here the first Version

Post 157: The Greater Republic of China.

Post 158: South East Asia since WW2

Post 159: History of USSR after WW2.

Post 160: Eastern Europe and the Balkans after WW2

Post 161: Federation of Scandinavia (FS). (former GNU here older Version )

Post 162: Germany after war: Operation Phoenix Part 1

Post 163: Operation Phoenix Part 2

Post 165: Germany after war: The Nuremburg Trials: older version of Nuremberg Trail:

Post 166: Germany after war: Period of Division (1946-1961)

Post 167: The Holocaust

Post 168: The Trial of Mussolini

Post 169: West Germany: Cologne and the “Silent March”

Post 170: East German and the Marchers

Post 171: The Rise of Pan-Germanism

Post 171: Secret of Hitler's Fate Part I: The Hunt for Hitler

Post 172: Secret of Hitler's Fate Part 2: The Phoenix Vault Part II

Post 173: Secret of Hitler's Fate Part 3: Fate of Hitler remains and the Phoenix Vault.

Post 174: The Goebbels Family and Goering Fate

Post 175: Belgium Part One, story by Michel Van, edit by Geon

Post 176: Belgium Part Two, story by Michel Van, edit by Geon

post 177: Belgium Part Three, story by Michel Van, edit by Geon

Post 178: Belgium Part Four, story by Michel Van, edit by Geon

Post 179: The United States: Postwar 1945-1952.

Post 180: The United States: The Civil Rights Movement

Post 181: The United States: 1952 U.S. Presidential Election

Post 182: The Taft Presidency

Post 183: Wallace and the Sassy Sixties

Post 184: Presiden Wallace First Term

Post 185: Presiden Wallace Second Term

Post 186: U.S. Space Program Part 1

Post 187: The French Space program: part one, a guest post by Michel Van

Post 188: U.S. Space Program Part II

Post 189: The French Space program: Part Two, a guest post by Michel Van

Post 190: Interlude #1 – General Wainwright and Tokyo Rose.

Post 191: Interlude #2 – An Interview with Charlie Chaplin, conducted in 1948

Post 192: The French Space program: Part Three, a guest post by Michel Van

Post 193: The French Space program: Part Four and End, a guest post by Michel Van

Post 194: Epilogue: the 50th anniversary of the Japanese attack on L.A.

Post 195: Postscript #1 – Fate of the “Mighty One” Yamato battleship (corrected)

Post 196: Postscript #2 – Marlene

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