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How many Sixes does Adolf Nazi have to Roll?

In short “How many Sixes”, “HM6” or “HM⚅”, this TL by Max Sinister researches the eternal question of whether Nazi Germany could've won World War 2 in a half-way realistic way. Let's see. But if finished, this won't be like "climbing the Mount Everest of AH", but more like diving into its Marianas Trench.

The PoD is the defeat of the BEF at Dunkirk. The first one of them, anyway. Second one is an earlier uncovering of the “Black Orchestra” in the Abwehr in July 1940. Third one, a somewhat earlier Barbarossa (ten days), with a dozen more divisions for the Wehrmacht. Fourth one, a successful strike against the railroad to Murmansk. And that won't be the end of this list. There'll be an attack on Gibraltar e.g. as well.

Currently, the TL has only reached summer 1941 (yes, Unternehmen Barbarossa) so far, with some exceptions.

The Butterfly Effect will be in full… swing.

This will be pretty hard to write (and to read), and not only because the odds are so skewed IOTL. Expect lots of black humor as a coping mechanism.

It's the first TL by Max Sinister which'll be written both in an English and a German version (Wieviele Sechsen muss Adolf Nazi würfeln?), parallel. Argue among yourself which one would be the first one.

The story is (or will be) dedicated to Robert Harris and Ralph Giordano, for leading the author to AH.

See also: Elections

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