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== Holy Empire of the Church of Christ ==

The Holy Church of Christ (1517 - 1911) was a monastery in Saxony, Germany. A quasi-theocracy, it was created as a counter government to the Holy Roman Empire, and sought to unite all Protestants under its influence. Governed by radicals and intellectuals, the Church gained a wide influence; it became, in essence, an international entity, similar to the United Nations. It based its legal system on Luther's ideas, but adopted many of Huldrych Zwingli's ideas in terms of governance. It collapsed mainly as the result of waning religious influence; as the Second Reich consolidated, the monastery became just a regular church, and eventually died off. It created the “Holy Orders of Christendom,” a document outlining good Christian practices, and helped with the collapse of Napoleon's Empire.

Imperium Sacrum Christ Jesu

Heilige Kirche des Christi

Holy Church of Christ

Existence: 1517 - 1911

Capital: Saxony

Languages: German, Latin, Italian, Dutch

Religion: Protestant (mainly Lutheran; also Calvinism, Presbyterianism, Anglican)

Government: Theocracy with parliamentary system

Legislature: Reichstat

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