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High Wire Eire

An Irish TL by RogueBeaver.

With a POD in 1846, the history of the Kennedys in Britain is documented, from their humble origins to the later vertical ascent through British society, and vast political influence. Currently in the year 1978. It was ended in July 2009 for lack of interest and time.

Read it here.

Main Characters

Sir Joseph P. Kennedy
Dame Jennifer Fitzgerald Kennedy
Sir Winston Churchill
Sir Austen Chamberlain
Sir John F. Kennedy
Sir Robert F. Kennedy

Current National Leaders (ATL 1978)

Britain: Prime Minister Robert Kennedy
Canada: Prime Minister Brian Mulroney
France: President Valery Giscard D'Estaing
Germany: Chancellor Helmut Kohl
Italy: Prime Minister Guilio Andreotti
Japan: Prime Minister Yasuo Fukada
Philippines: Prime Minister Ferdinand Marcos
Soviet Union: General Secretary Alexei Kosygin
United States: President Henry Jackson
Vietnam: President Nguyen Van Thieu

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