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Hammers, Sickles and Mushroom Clouds

A timeline written by Kaiser K, that portrays a different world to ours that diverged from ours when Leon Czolgosz, the assassin of President William McKinley, drowns in a small lake on his way to kill the President, ensuring McKinley's survival, and a radically different world from ours, a world where the effective sides of the Cold War are Reversed, where Communism is more powerful and America-centered, while Russian democracy, so still-born OTL, flourishes ATL. leading a coalition of Democracies centered on Eastern Europe and Asia, the TL has now entered into a Second Cold War, this time between Russia and it's Democratic allies, and China and it's Fascist allies, the TL can be found Here


Chapter 1: 1901-1914: The Road to War

Chapter 2: 1914-1919: Deutschland Deutschland Uber Alles, Uber Alles in der Welt!

Chapter 2b: 1919: The Uneasiest of Peaces

Chapter 3: 1920-1929: The Terrible Twenties

Chapter 4: 1929-1936: The Fall of Empires and the Rise of Radicalism

Chapter 5: 1936-1939: Hail Geymere!

Chapter 6: 1939-1941: March of the Fascist Hordes

Chapter 7: 1941-1943: Nasty Medieval Emperors

Chapter 8: 1943-1944: For Life, Liberty, and Chocolate

Chapter 9: 1944-1945: Wrath of the Iron Hammer

Chapter 10: 1945: The Rest is Nigh for the Wicked Slug

Chapter 11: 1945-1946: What Can We Do Now?

Charter of the Council of Nations

The Beaudrox Trials

Chapter 12: 1946-1949: We're Doing the Split, Split Split, We're Doing the Split!

Causes of the Italian War

Chapter 13: 1950: Which Italy is Best Italy?

Chapter 14: 1951-1953: Viva la Internationale

Italian War Armistice

Chapter 15: 1953-1960: Just a Jolly Good Ole Time

Chapter 16: 1960-1962: We're Having a Good Ole Fun Time in the Siberian Snow

Chapter 17: 1962-1963: No Jelly Doughnuts in my Nuclear Bomb

Chapter 18: 1963-1968: Welcome to the Jungle

Chapter 19: 1968-1973: One Giant Leap for Man

Chapter 20: 1973-1975: The Smoking Gun for Ole Tricky Breezy

Chapter 21: 1972-1983: From the Grand Ballon to the Huascaran

Chapter 22: 1981-1985: Mosley and the Consequenses

Chapter 23: 1985-1989: Ruin the Economy and Reform It

Chapter 24: 1987-1990: Unite and Rule

Chapter 25: 1990-1991: How to Collapse a Superpower in Three Simple Steps

Chapter 26: 1991-1992: A Little Mustard Gas is Good for the Soul

Chapter 27: 1992-1993: O Say Can you See, Your Foot in Your Mouth

Chapter 28: 1993-1994: The Chinese Dragon Shows it's True Colors

Chapter 29: 1994-1995: Crouching Dragon, Hidden Bear

Chapter 30: 1995-1997: The Fundamental Steps to Insurgency

Chapter 31: 1997-1998: Caught With Your Panties Between your Ankles

Chapter 32: 1998-1999: этот правда воля набор Вы свободно (The Truth Will Set You Free)

Chapter 33: 1999-2000: Somebody Must Hate the Russians

Chapter 34: 2000-2001: Doomed to Repeat

Chapter 35: 2001-2002: Mission is not Accomplished

Chapter 36: 2002-2003: We Didn't Start the Fire, We Just Added the Wood

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