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 +======Guide for a cross for Sviatoslav======
 +An independent country found by Henri de Altavila in Iberia, originally, a Leonese/​Asturian fief in the east of Iberia
 +OTL Equivalent would be Portugal.
 +The people of South of France are called as Aquitainians in general and France south of Loire and Alps is called Aquitaine, it is known for its Troubadour culture.
 +A Slavic Duchy in the Holy Roman Empire compose of Silesia, Calisia, Cracovia, Lendia, Bohemia and Moravia, it is a fief of the Holy Roman Empire.
 +A Jewish Duchy between Pomerania, Bohemia and Cracovia.
 +==Kievan Rus==
 +A Catholic country ruled by the Rurik Dynasty and allied with Bohemia and Denmark.
 +===Castes in the Viking New World Colonies===
 +A Native from the Continent of Skjaldbakaland(Known as North America in Our own Timeline) which was derived from the contact between the New World Viking Settlers and the Haudenosaunee which means Turtle Island, at the Start they were very vulnerable against the Black Plague and SmallPox but later due to Blandathlings mixing back due to their treatment by the Hvitur as untouchables they were able to resist better.
 +Products of Mixing between Skraelings and Vikings equivalent to Mestizos and Metis, they are treated like untouchables.
 +Viking Settlers, pure or mostly Viking in heritage they are a majority in the Viking states on Skjaldbakaland.
 +People from Africa, originally imported to be Slaves and treated as untouchables and even if they are freemen they are treated as untouchables.
 +==== Navigation ====
 +**[[A Cross for Sviatoslav]]**
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