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Written by Snake Featherston.

A revision of the Godzilla series in one sense starting from the POD that a cosmic accident leads to the appearance of the first Godzilla right at the start of the Korean War. In a sense a retelling of both Gojira and Godzilla, King of the Monsters, the first Godzilla appears and derails the Korean War, attacking in an unhindered series of assaults on major cities each equivalent to a major atomic strike. In the course of this story the first Godzilla is struck several times by atomics, only to get progressively larger and more powerful and more mutated with each strike. In the process Godzilla is ultimately destroyed by another product of the Bleed, the Oxygen Destroyer created ala Xanadu by Daisuke Serizawa. At the end of the story Gamera appears and begins an attack on Montevideo. This is Leviathan Rising.

In the second story, a retelling of sorts of Godzilla Raids Again, a second Godzilla appears, as does a new type of Kaiju: Anguirus. These two Kaiju throw down in Shanghai where Godzilla II kills and eats Anguirus, while a nest of Baby Godzillae hatches and destroys an expedition to Lagos Island. The destruction of Shanghai helps spur the growth of Project MONSTER ZERO, a desperate attempt by ATL humanity to forestall an apocalypse that affects all regardless of ideology. MONSTER ZERO begins with 13 scientists, but has access to creatures with bizarre and unknown physiology, enabling them to make strange new types of weaponry, living weapons. Godzilla as per the second film is buried in ice in an island, while MONSTER ZERO begins with Project Guillon and the first phases of attempts to clone Godzilla.

In King Kong Versus Godzilla, a work still in progress, the most obvious event that occurs is of course a battle between the giant ape of Skull Island and the mutated radiation-breathing theropod. More will not be noted here while still spoilers.

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