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Godforsaken Future

It is spring of 1986, Ronald Reagan is President of the United States, hair bands dominate the charts, Apartheid is in its twilight in South Africa, cracks are starting to develop in the Warsaw Pact, the Soviet Union has invaded and is occupying Afghanistan, and aliens have just landed.

These aren't the nice aliens from E.T. or Cocoon, or even the sneaky sinister types from V or Earth Final Conflict. No, these are powerful hive minded intelligences which control and create vast swarms of horrible, incredibly violent and destructive insectiod 'constructs' and they want to devour every last scrap of biomass on the planet, including humanity.

The initial invasion starts when the first hive mind teleports into southern Afghanistan in April of 1986 and quickly spreads an infestation to the surrounding area. Dubbed tāziyāne-ye bozorg by the local Pashtun tribesmen which aptly means “great scourge” they live up to their name quite quickly.

Humanity's response is at first sluggish, partly due to a lack of understanding of just what they are up against and partly due to suspicion of each other. However, once the trust finally starts to fade and the human race starts to kick the machinery of war into high gear, the bozorgs start to learn that those little monkey boys and girls aren't such pushovers.

Realizing that it has a bigger challenge on its hands than originally thought, the bozorg hive intelligence has additional hives brought over to locations in West Germany, Brazil, and along the US Canadian border. Needless to say, things get markedly more difficult for the human race from there.

But wait, there's more.

If things weren't bad enough already, the very first 'victory' that the human race scores when they successfully manage to 'jam' the bozorg teleportation capabilities only serves to annoy a second alien race from a different dimension which decides to make an appearance over Azerbaijan, the Yucatan Peninsula, Greenland, Mongolia, and Algeria. Possessing highly advanced technology which includes cybernetic implantation, giant hovering warships, and directed energy weaponry, these new aliens prove to be every bit as much a threat as the bozorgs.

But wait, there's more.

While all this has been going on, a group that falsely presents itself as working for the US government has been conducting an excavation of a city in Antarctica, a city which predates recorded human history. The city itself exhibits signs of extensive usage of non-euclidean geometry, as well as evidence of very grizzly cultural customs from torture to incredibly painful forms of human sacrifice.

This timeline is currently still under way and has now reached late 1987 and going into 1988.

Written by Dan Reilly the Great, the story can be read here.

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