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Go South, Young Man

GO SOUTH, YOUNG MAN is a timeline by robertp6165. In 1816, Thomas Lincoln, father of Abraham Lincoln, left Kentucky, seeking a new home where he could obtain secure land titles (he had lost 3 farms in Kentucky due to bad land titles). The year 1816 was unusually cold, so much so that it was known to history as “The Year Without a Summer.” In the ATL, Tom Lincoln is a bit more sensitive to cold than he was in OTL, and so he also decides to head for a warmer climate, ending up in Mississippi rather than ending up in Indiana and later, Illinois, as he did in OTL. Abraham Lincoln is thus raised in an entirely different cultural setting, which affects his views of slavery, states rights, and other major issues of the day. He ends up as a Senator from Mississippi, and later, the southern Democratic candidate for the Presidency in 1860, running against Republican candidate William Seward. Seward narrowly wins the election, the South secedes, and Abraham Lincoln ends up as President of a new nation, the Confederate States of America. And history is off to a wildly different course.

Sound interesting? You can read it here.

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