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Glossary of Eagles and Hawks

Cities and Lands

Name Variants OTL Equivalent Definition
Barbassièr Barbastro (Medieval Latin), Barbashtar (Arab) Barbastro
Barciona Barcino (Latin) Barcleona
Basconia Basconha (Aquitain), Bascagne (French), Vasconna (Spannes) Euzkadi, Basque Country
Bertanny Bertagne (French), Bertanha (Aquitain), Breiz (Berton) Brittany
Borgony Bôrgogne (French) Bourgogne Corresponding to OTL Francophone Switzerland, Savoy and Franche-Comté
Castelia Castelha (Aquitain), Castille (French) Northern Aragon
Catalonia Catalonha (Aquitain), Catalonie (French), Catalonna (Spanian) Septimania, Languedoc “Gothia Longa”. Originally described the Gothia extanded to Piemont and Provence, then only the original Gothia.
Gothia Gòtia (Aquitain), Gotie (French), Godocie (Old French), Gotìa (Spannes), Godia (Arab) Septimania, Gothia
Saracosta Caesaraugsta (Latin), Cesaracosta (Medieval Latin), Sharkusta (Arabic), Seragoza (Spannes) Saragossa
Toleto Toletum (Latin), Tulaytulah (Arab) Tolèdo
Tolosa Tholose (French) Toulouse


Name Variants OTL Equivalent Definition
Closuras Closures (French, Aquitain), Clazuraki (Bascon) Vascon clausurae Originally a wall closing a valley or a pass, by extension the series of little fortifications (fortified villages, towers) around it
Ğizyah Djizia, Yizia Poll tax payed by males Dhimmī in exchange of their exemption of military service
Ḫarāj Kharaj Land value tax payed by Dhimmī and collected by non-Muslims officials. After 719, was tied to the land and payed by all the owners, whatever their religion
Zakāt Zakat Charity tax payed by Muslims on their moving richess

Languages, Peoples and Factions

Name Variants OTL Equivalent Definition
Aquitain Aquitan Occitan
Aquitano-Roman Occitano-Roman Roman population of southern Gaul that formed the Aquitan, the Provencal and the Gotic culture
Dhimmī Christians living under Islamic rule and paying their protection
Galician Galego (Galician), Galègue (French) Galician and Northern Portuguese
Goth Gòt (Aquitain), Goth (French), Godo (Spannes, Arabic), Inhabitant of Gothia
Gotic Gòt (Aquitain), Gote (French), Godos (Spannes), Languedocian and Catalan Dialect of Aquitain spoken in Gothia
Gotandolos Gotandulos Christians nobles unconverted since the Islamic conquest until the X° century
Hispano-Roman Roman population of southern Gaul that formed the Galician, the Spanian and the Ladino culture
Ispanuli Ispanhòli (Aquitain] Carolingian Hispanii Settlers in Gaul from peninsular origin. Litteraly “Little Hispanians”
Judaitz Jewish Ladino Ladino Language of Spanian Jews
Kalbit Syrian, Shamit Arabs whom the family is from Syrian or Mesopotamian origin
Ladino Algravi, Mozarabic (Historical) Mozarabic
Mawālī The same, in a less restrictive definition Muslims of servile origin
Muwalladi Muladìes (Spanian), Musalima Muslims of non-Arabic origin
Qaisit Yemenit, Kaysit Arabs whom the family is from peninsular Arabia
Spanian Spaniol Spanish

Riviers and Seas

Name Variants OTL Equivalent Definition
Betìs al-wādi al-kabīr (Arabic), Betis (Latin) Guadalquivir
Ebre Ebro (Spannes) Ebro
Leger Léger (French, Aquitain) Loire
Rose Rône (French), Ròse (Aquitain) Rhone


Title Variants OTL Equivalent Definition
Metropolitain Metropolitan, Metropolitan Bishop Archbishop
Walī Valí (Christianized form) Muslim governor
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