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Germany (A Darker World War II)

The Kingdom of Germany has emerged from the disaster of the war to become one of world's wealthiest, progressive and stable democracies despite losing Rhineland and Prussia. War-guilt however continues to plague the nation, even after a half century. Many Germans have developed a mistrust of government, and the political process, this lackadaisical mentality toward politics is shown in low voter turn-out, and career politicians holding sway over German policies. After the experiences of two World War's German politics has become very inward looking, focusing more on domestic policies and problems than foreign. Germans are often compared with Americans, on their lack of concern of the world outside of their own borders.

Germany is self described as being aggressively pacifist and progressive, unfortunatley the country suffers through the “Brain-drain” syndrome with many of Germany's top engineers, and scientsts leaving for greener pastures across the sea in the United States.

Since the 1970's Germans have become obsessed with fitness and sports, the most popular sport in the nation is Football (Soccer), however other games have become very popular such as basketball, baseball, and ice hockey. The fitness craze has produced a pleasant side effect, with German men and women developing healthy, athletic bodies, making Germany the land of some of the worlds most beautiful and sexiest supermodels.

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