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Flight of Fate

POD: RFK lives on June 6, 1968. Completed February 2010. “Presidential Tales”, short stories describing specific events in the Kennedy Administrations, will be written this summer.

Read it here.

Main characters and roles at POD

Richard Nixon: Republican presumptive nominee, 1968

Robert Kennedy: Democratic presidential candidate

George Bush Sr. Congressman, TX-5

Ronald Reagan


  • Widespread political violence in the United States
  • Fracturing of the Republican Party between Rockefeller moderates/liberals and Reaganite conservatives after Nixon's death in December 1968.
  • Increasing polarization of the Irish-American community causes Louise Day Hicks to win the Boston mayoralty in 1967 and the Massachusetts governorship in 1970.

Assassinations: Terry Sanford (1968), George Wallace (1968)

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