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First Blood

A pair of stories by Cockroach that looks rather likely to grow into a long running series. Both stories are centered on the aftermath of an ISOT event. The first story (First Bloody) covers the period directly after the event while Deasert Sand, Pacific Skies starts six months post-event.

Time Lines Involved

Timeline 1

The timeline into which the various groups have been ISOTed. The timeline starts as OTL 1941.

Timeline 2

PoD: 2003 -the poms decide to develop an Sea Harrier replacement to fill the gap until the JSF comes on line. ISOT Year: 2015 By the event in 2015 a war rages between Australia and Indonesia. This TL is the source for the considrable Darwin based forces as well as the Indonesians and a scattering of other units, bases, etc.

Timeline 3

PoD: Late 1950s -the poms aircraft industry remains in better shape. ISOT Year: 1969 General Social and Political conditions are convergant to OTL. The Vietnam War continues but at a much lower intensity than OTL.

Timeline 4

PoD: 1944 -A storm hits the allied beachhead in Normandy mere days after D-Day ISOT Year: 1960 The storm mentioned above allows the Germans a chance to bring their Panzers to bear on the beach head ultimatly forcing the allies to withdraw but not before 20,000 men are captured. Butterflies resulting from this cause Stalin to be killed in a car crash. With Stalin gone the Soviet Union keeps fighting until Zhukov suffers a major defeat in Poland at which point the Politburo disnitgrates into a bickering mess. The war finally ends in 1947 following the obliteration of Nuremberg and Munich and the German revenge attack using Gas and 'Dirty Bombs' on Southern England. Hitler dies in 1955 and is suceeded as Fuhrer by Himmler.

Major Character (Fictional or Real But From ATL)

Warning: May contain spoiler, the larger entries reflect current ideas… I don't promise these ideas will remain constant

Major General Daryanto (TL2)

Indonesian General in control of the district surrounding the city of Semarang. Lost his left arm in battle with Australian forces in East Timor pre-ISOT. Responsible for the Indonesians alliance with the Japanese.

Lance Corporal John Edward (TL2)

NCO in 4th Cavalry Regiment, RAAC.

Major Kingsley (TL3)

US army officer formally based in West Germany. Involved in a daring escape in First Blood and firearms R&D work in Deasert Sand, Pacific Skies.

Captain James Ferris (TL2)

Commanding Officer of Frigate HMAS Anzac until July 2015 when the vessel was seriously damaged in an engagement with Indonesian Corvettes, awarded DSO for actions during the engagement. In command of to Missile Frigate HMAS Newcastle (August 2015). Based in Singapore at time of ‘transition’ (December 2015/1941). Involved in Battle of the South China Sea, (December 1941). Escorted a Floating Dock from Singapore to Perth (March-April 1942), engaged and sunk HIJMS Atago, awarded bar to DSO. Escorted USS Yorktown during second Battle of Wake Island (June 1942), joined TG 11.7 in running down fleeing Japanese surface vessels, appointed a Knight of the British Empire for his actions during the chase. Appointed Commodore of Australian Indian Ocean Squadron (March 1943). Escorted HMS Illustrious during Battle of Andaman Sea (July 1943), HMAS Newcastle crippled by multiple bomb hits. Assumed command of Air warfare Destroyer HMAS Brisbane (October 1943). Promoted to Rear Admiral (1947) and made a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian order.

Captain Bailey (TL2)

CO of USS Philippine Sea. Senior surviving officer of Ronald Reagan CVBG. Provided support to Wake Isalnd until a 'temp Carrier Task Force could arrive.

Captain Willis (TL2)

CO of USS Halsey. Awarded a CBE by the British for his actions in the Battle of the South China Sea (an event in First Blood).

Major General Johannesen (TL2)

Senior ISOTed Norweigan Officer, since promoted to the rank of Major General. Responsible for the Liberation of Trondheim (First Bloody) and subsequient allied opperations in Norway.

Squadron Leader Edward Ellsworth (TL2)

RNZAF Officer. Promoted to CO of No. 2 Squadron after former Squadron Leader wounded in action.

Major Ennis (TL2)

Officer in 2nd/14th Light Horse. By the start of Deasert Sand, Pacific Skies he is the CO of the remanant of the aforementioned unit. Awarded a CGC for actions during the Malaya campaign. Killed during the fall of Singapore.

Colonel Mulyadi (TL2)

Indonesian Officer killed in action against the dutch.

Oberführer Rommel (TL4)

SS officer, son of the Field Marshel of the same name.

Major Sorokin (TL2)

Russian Officer. CO of a Spetsnaz detatchment that got ISOTed to the USSR.

Obergruppenführer Otto Skorzeny (TL4)

Same man as OTL. However with the survival of the Reich he has risen to an even higher rank.

Sub-Lieutenant John Hall

Enlisted in Royal Australian Navy nine moths prior to the ‘transition’ in 2015, assigned to maintenance of power station on Christmas Island (due to prior involvement in construction of the power plant) and given rank of Sub-Lieutenant. Following the ‘transition’ to 1941, assigned to weapons R&D, involved in development of glide bombs. Promoted to Lieutenant (March 1942). Involved in first use of glide bombs in action (July 1942) when he sunk two Japanese transports off Rabul, awarded Military Cross. Sent to Canada (September 1942) to train Coastal Command squadrons in use of glide bombs. Again saw action when ordered to attack Graf Zeppelin and Scharnhorst (December 1942), hit Graf Zeppelin with two bombs, sinking the Carrier, Awarded Distinguished Service Cross, Promoted to Lieutenant Commander. With the end of the war in Europe (November 1944) transferred to Navy Reserves and returned to Engineering, involved in design of various missiles and guided bombs. Promoted to Commander (January 1948).

Petty Officer Kate Baldwin

Served under James Ferris aboard HMAS Newcastle. Awarded Military Medal for actions while acting in a liaison role aboard HMS Repulse during Battle of the South China Sea (December 1941), wounded in action. Rejoined HMAS Newcastle in time for second Battle of Wake Island, Mentioned in Dispatches (June 1942), promoted to Chief Petty Officer. Awarded Conspicuous Gallantry Medal for actions during Battle of Andaman Sea (July 1943). Promoted to Warrant Officer (October 1944).

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