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Fear, Loathing and Gumbo on the Campaign Trail '72

A rather dystopian Cold War era timeline by Drew.

You can read its sequel here.

The Tv Tropes page for the TL can be seen here.


Update 1: Fear, Loathing and Gumbo on the Campaign Trail '72

Update 2: The Segretti Affair

Update 3: Flyers and Letters

Update 4: The Hayride begins: Late summer, early autumn

Update 5: Nixon in the crosshairs

Update 6: Tuesday, November 7, 1972

Update 7: Left makes right: The Congressional races of 1972

Update 8: Shock and ... say what?

Update 9: George Corley Wallace: Burnin' down the house

Update 10: Untitled

Update 11: Uncle Sam wants you George

Update 12: Judges Judge, Electors Elect and the lawyers make off like bandits

Update 13: Hayrides and Gumbo

Update 14: Courts and Communists

Update 15: Untitled

Update 16: One man, one vote

Update 17: To The House

Update 18: Who here, seriously, wants to allow Spiro Agnew to become President?

Update 19: Cold Days in January

Update 20: Untitled

Update 21: Springtime For Spiro

Update 22: The Burning House

Update 23: Pardon Me

Update 24: Agnewnomics

Update 25: A Transformative Presidency for a New American Century

Update 26: Fear, Loathing and Crisis '73

Update 27: Spiro Fishing at DEFCON 2

Update 28: Spiro - You're Fired!

Update 29: Cap Weinberger and James Gavin's list of ten choices for Vice President

Update 30: Untitled

Update 31: After the Fall: The unbowed right

Update 32: Henry's Odyssey Oct 31 - Nov. 11, 1973

Update 33: L'Affair Agnew

Update 34: Cleaning-up after the last guy

Update 35: One Step Forward; One Step into the Abyss

Update 36: The Burning Sand

Update 37: An ounce of prevention

Update 38: Big Muddles

Update 39: French National Assembly Elections October 1974

Update 40: TV and the California Governor's race

Update 41: Le Grand Gachis v. 2.0

Update 42: Crime and Punishment in America - Autumn 1974

Update 43: The new President of South Vietnam

Update 44: America's Grand Gachis

Update 45: Pennies and Peanuts

Update 46: The Long Slide Down

Update 47: November 5, 1974 - "The Tuesday Night Massacre"

Update 48: It's not the votes but who is seen to be casting them that counts

Update 49: The Rumblings of Fanatics

Update 50: Peace on Earth? Not this Christmas

Update 51: The Ninth Circuit - December 1974

Update 52: The Cauldron Bubbles

Update 53: No Lame Ducks on the menu

Update 54: Oops - if it wasn't for those pesky laws...

Update 55: The Bite of the Red Eminence

Update 56: Family Jewels

Update 57: Adana Kebab and Ouzo gives you indigestion

Update 58: Turkish Dyspepsia

Update 59: Fear, Loathing and Red Jelly Beans on the Campaign Trail ‘76

Update 60: Spiro Rides Again

Update 61: Of Hot Lips. New Hampshire and the First Nephew's Dream

Update 62: Flavor of the campaign

Update 63: Settin' the Woods on Fire again

Update 64: So, you want to go there, do you?

Update 65: Slip Sliding Away

Update 66: Florida Recount

Update 67: Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS)

Update 68: Untitled

Update 69: "You'll come a-Waltzing Whitlam, with me"

Update 70: Spy Games

Update 71: Hot Lead Anniversary

Update 72: April Showers bring May Primaries

Update 73: And then the Rubber Hits The Road

Update 74: Untitled

Update 75: Attacks

Update 76: The 1976 Democratic National Convention

Update 77: Fear, Loathing and Alka Seltzer on the Campaign Trail '76

Update 78: Wallace by a Palm Leaf

Update 79: Now, Tomorrow and Forever...

Update 80: The Broken Dragon: The Two Maos and the Agony of the Middle Kingdom

Update 81: No Punks, Pinkos, Religious Nuts or Tories Need Apply

Update 82: Barrack and Newt

Update 83: The Year of the Tiger: 23 January 1974 – 10 February 1975

Update 84: Eddie -- You're fired!

Update 85: Wallace's Summer of Tough Love

Update 86: Untitled

Update 87: Agnew On Point - Sprio vs. the Slithering Snopes

Update 88: Dysfunctional Marriages

Update 89: Untitled

Update 90: On the Airwaves

Update 91: Frost and Nixon 2.0

Update 92: Oily Politics and lit matches

Update 93: ABC News Close-up: America: A Nation on the Rails Once More (1978)

Update 94: Untitled

Update 95: Planes, Trains, Trucks and Wallace

Update 96: Untitled

Update 97: Persistent Populism Piles-up Plentifully Putrid I

Update 98: Persistent Populism Piles-up Plentifully Putrid II

Update 99: If you are so sick ... why am I so pale?

Update 100: Map of Laos with Flags

Update 101: Laos War 1978 - 1979 Part I

Update 102: Laos War 1978 - 1979 Part II

Update 103: Untitled

Update 104: Untitled

Update 105: Sand in your sheets

Update 106: Neither Founding Fathers nor Bolsheviks

Update 107: Breaking news...

Update 108: More Breaking News...

Update 109: Georgia Gubernatorial election 1978

Update 110: An Iowan for Iowans?

Update 111: ’79 - Hell of a Year I

Update 112: ’79 - Hell of a Year II

Update 114: Gulf of Tiran

Update 115: Throwing Stones at the Stone Age

Update 116: Japan's Political Earthquake

Update 117: One for Lop Nur

Update 118: The Years of the Skull

Update 119: A Few Notes

Update 120: Popes and Libertarians

Update 121: Untitled

Update 122: A World of Troubles

Update 123: The Democratic and Republican Presidential Primaries 1980

Update 124: The Democratic and Republican Presidential Primaries 1980 (Maps)

Update 125: Untitled

Update 126: Untitled

Update 127: Koufax Pitches in the Hardest Game Yet

Update 128: A Very Troublesome Woman

Update 129: A Wolf in the Woods

Update 130: The Hungry Wolves

Update 131: The New Democracy: The candidate with fewer votes wins

Update 132: Rumsfeldia Rising


Info to be added soon.

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