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The Kaiser Prince Or, The Kaiser-Prinz

OTL's King Wilhelm II, the word that can aptly describe him are; “Machievellian”.

Many within the Afrikan colonies tend to have a personality cult around him since he brought glory to the German Empire.

Those within the German allied realms of Europe tend to have a different opinion of him.

Kaiser Heinrich Or, the Afrikanischer Prinz

The only surviving brother of considerable repute, Prinz Heinrich is noted for his naval record, as well as his continued demotion of himself to the post of Kapitan due to his personal differences with his brother/his brother's agenda. Later inherits the throne from his elder brother due to his connections with the military.

Kaiser Rudolph of Austria

Leader of the Austrian Realm, not as wishy washy as OTL, nor as short lived. It is noted that much of the stability that Germany once had has been exported to Austria.

Tsar Nicholas II

Not so much a Machievellian Prince but a well intended stern father of Russia that has personally saw to Russia's rise within the known power scheme of the Western European “Elites”.

King Edward VII of England

Known as the Grand Uncle, he is also noted to have started the whole trend of realizing the Kaiser-Prinz's scheme too late in the game, and dies attempting pursuade others to counter-act the already rising German Empire.

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