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Explorers: Ad astra

What is it ?

A huge space TL (if not a space wank at times, admittedly: an utopia rather than a dystopia. Archibald hates dystopias)

It fill 1400 pages of a WORD file and truth be told !

I'm still adding things (!). It is a never-ending project,

so there might be retcon or reboots along the way.

List of Post

Part 1 Early Moves (1968-1971)

Part 2 Space (1971-1972)

Post 15: the space shuttle alternate history - let's start

Post 16: a little of the right stuff

Post 17: 1971 - NASA quandary: shuttle first or space station first ?

Post 18: 40 years before Golden Spike - the first commercial lunar mission !

POst 17: Battle for the space shuttle; with George Low in command

Post 18: Shape of things to come

Post 19: The final battle for the space shuttle !

Post 20: The final battle for the space shuttle: first round !

Post 21: A bit of fun with the Soviet space program. It's only a beginning !

Post 22: The final battle for the space shuttle: August 25, 1971

Post 23: The final battle for the space shuttle: the next round

Post 24: The final battle for the space shuttle: The Flax committee hold its second meeting

Post 25: ESRO / ELDO and NASA future plans.


Post 27: October 9, 1971

Post 28: the capsules strike back !

Background information and graphic

Post 29: final battle for the space shuttle: the end phase I

Post 30: October 25, at Manned Spaceflight Center, Houston, Texas

Excerpt 2: "Factors for a Decision on a New Reusable Space Transportation System by Klaus P. Heiss and Oskar Morgenstern,"

Post 31: The shuttle is half dead.. yet it might be even worse for NASA

Post 32: meanwhile, on the European side of the space program...

Post 33: Battle for the shuttle - phase II

Post 34: Wolf Vishniac

Post 35: final battles for the shuttle...

Post 36: final battles for the shuttle: things are going downhill pretty fast...

Post 37: Why no European deep space probes in the 70's, 80's ? Because...

Part 3 Helios (1972-1979)

Post 38: 1972 is coming ! Brace yourself for an eventful year in NASA history...

Post 39: 1972 - NASA at crossroads

post 40: dawn of a new era

Post 41: tying up the loose ends - Mathematica, Heiss, and Morgenstern

Post 42: Titan III and alternatives

Background information on Launch Vehicles and Manned Crafts propsals after end of Shuttle

Post 43: the empire strike back

Post 44: NASA February 10, 1972

Post 45: Williamsburg February 28, 1972

Post 46: small Europe update

Post 47: here come the post-Skylab space station

Post 48: back from Coventry (why Conventry ? I don't understand)

Post 49: meanwhile on the other side of the Iron Curtain...

Post 50: Glushko biography - with a twist

Post 51: wings into space

Post 52: talking about Saturn V future (this is straight out of OTL)

Post 53: straight out of OTL (Siddqi) A Buran soviet space shuttle ? what is that ?

Post 54: Excerpt from: A history of the European Space Agency, 1958 - 1987 (ITTL)

Post 55: Agena going big

Post 56: How NOT to build a space station - as done with 1984 Freedom

Background information

Post 57: Decision point - and the winner is...

Post 58: meanwhile in Europe

Post 59: July 5, 1972. Downey, California

Post 60: X-24

Post 61: The space station decision

Post 62: Asnys, Delta Force - this one is for you !

Post 63: enter Alvin Weinberg

Post 64: back into business

Post 65: November 23 1972. Baikonur, Kazakhstan

Post 66: some alt-history within the alt-history

Excerpt 3: The synerjet engine: key to spaceliner, a brief history of the Supercharged Ejector RamJet (1965 – 1972), by: William J.D Escher

Excerpt 4: from: A history of the European Space Agency, 1958 - 1987 (ITTL)

Post 67: and now... a little alternate pop culture

Post 68: Hippies on the Moon - with Apollo (four decades before Golden Spike)

Post 69: alternate pop culture, part 2

Post 70: Gemini-B1 test flight

Post 71: 14 May 1973 launch of Skylab.

Post 72: the Soviets, part 1

Post 73: the Soviets, part 2

Post 74: The Soviets, part 3

Post 75: Skylab second life

Post 76: More from the Soviets

Post 77: October 1973 – February 1974 OIL

Post 78: May 16, 1974, "It isn’t ours to divine the future."

Post 79: August 9, 1974. The Soviet lunar program

Post 80: the space shuttle ghost

Post 90: JPL, planetary exploration, and the National Academies

Post 91: astronaut class

Post 92: It's ugly, but it gets you there.

Post 93: Apollo and lifting bodies

Post 94: The NRO is watching you !

Post 95 Peter N. James’s none-too-subtly titled book Soviet Conquest From Space

Post 95: CNES meeting in Beaugency, about feasibility of using Ariane for manned flight.

Post 96: ISS: the interim space station

Post 97: March 21, 1976.


Post 99: April 1976. Mo Udall, in his run for the democratic nomination

Post 100: Lockheed bribery scandal, NASA, and the Agena

Post 101: Diagonal to space

Post 102: Langley taking the helm - the shuttle dream ain't dead yet

Post 103: Maskirovka, part I

Post 104: little update on planetary exploration

Post 105: March 27, 1977 Helios spacecraft "//America//" in orbit.

Post 106: The Maskirovka, part II

background information about Space Hardware in this TL

background information about NRO spysats



Excerpt 5


Post 110: L-5 Society & National Space Institute and the Space Settlement Society

Post 111: pop culture Part III

Post 112: Helios Soyuz Test program

background information to post 112

Post 113: Olin "Tiger" Teague or how the space program changing the face of politics

Post 114: The X-27 Test flight under Subscale Shuttle Program

Post 115: pop culture Part IV

Post 116: MKBS

Post 117: Kosmos 954 problems

Post 118: October 4 1978. Launch Complex 41

Post 119: Saint Louis, Missouri, the home of McDonnell Douglas

Post 120:March 15 1979 Kindley Naval Air Station, Bermuda (Skylab Deorbit)

Post 121:May 1979 Paris, France (a French spationaut on Soviet spacecraft)

Post 122: July 21 1979, US Präsident Election

Post 123: Space Telescope"

Part 4 Liberty (1979-1999)

Part 5 Explorers (Beyond 2000)

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