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-====== Europe in the Gorbachev MkII TL ====== 
-Note: In some cases if there are sufficient events an individual chronology is performed by each country, if not the rest of the countries chronologies are agruped together in the respective regional agrupations. 
-**[[Italy from Gorbachev Mk2|Italy]]** 
-**[[The UK from Gorbachev Mk2|The United Kingdom]]** 
-**[[Germany from Gorbachev Mk2|West Germany & East Germany]]** 
-**[[Yugoslavia from Gorbachev Mk2|Yugoslavia]]** 
-**[[Poland from Gorbachev Mk2|Poland]]** 
-**[[Western Europe from Gorbachev Mk2|Western Europe]]** 
-==== See Also ==== 
-**[[Gorbachev Mk2|Gorbachev MkII]]** 
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