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Election Day

1789: Damn John Jay! Damn everybody who won't damn John Jay!! General Results

1792: A Reward for Good Stewardship General Results

1796: Mr. Jay Goes to Philadelphia Caucuses General Results

1800: War Fever Caucuses General Results

1804: The Betrayal of '04 Caucuses General Results

1808: Revenge of the Federalists Caucuses General Results

1812: A Very Boring Election General Results

1816: Splits Caucuses General Results

1820: Nought to Do with the Union… General Results

1824: Dawn of a New System General Results

1828: A Peaceful Transfer of Power General Results

1832: Nasty American Politics, as Usual! Conventions General Results

1836: Sauntering to a Second Term Conventions General Results

1840: A Bad Week to Go Fishing Conventions General Results

1844: The Triumphant Return Conventions General Results

1848: The Devil and the Lame-Duck Congress Conventions General Results

1852: With Liberty and Justice for All! Conventions General Results

1856: Liberty, Equality and Solidarity Conventions General Results

1860: The Pursuit of Happiness Conventions General Results

1864: Rise of Radicalism Conventions General Results

1868: Unaccustomed As We Are Conventions General Results

1872: Wading through Turbulent Waters Conventions General Runoff Results

1876: They Clean Up Well! Conventions General Runoff Results

1880: December Surprise Conventions General Runoff Results

1884: Return of Radicalism Conventions General Results

1888: Can Steely Blades Kill a Beast? Conventions General Results

1892: Red as Blood, White as Snow… Conventions General Results

1896: Awakening of a New Generation Conventions General Results

1900: Clash of the Titans Conventions General Results

1904: Le ciel est bleu, l'enfer est rouge? Conventions General Results

1908: Dancing on Swordpoints Conventions General Results

1912: Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat Conventions General Runoff Results

1916: Aftershocks Conventions General Runoff Results

1920: No More War Primaries/Conventions General Runoff Results

1924: Parley's Melody Primaries/Conventions General Results

1928: I'm Feeling a Little Blue… Primaries/Conventions General Runoff Results

1932: Bucking the Trends Primaries/Conventions General Runoff Results

1936: Every Man a King. Every Woman a Queen. Primaries/Conventions General Results

1940: Prophetic Consequences Primaries/Conventions General Runoff Results

1944: Should Military Men Go Home? Primaries/Conventions General Runoff Results

1948: A New and Glorious Morn Primaries/Conventions General Runoff Results

1952: Home Sweet Home Primaries/Conventions General Results

1956: The New World Order Primaries/Conventions General Runoff Results

1960: Fear, Loathing and Trickery Primaries/Conventions General Runoff Results

1964: The American Dream? Primaries/Conventions General Runoff Results

1968: It Can't Happen Here Conventions General Results The End? The Trial of a Nation A Second Chance

1974: A New Beginning Conventions General (Part 1) General (Part 2) The Presidency of Shirley Chisholm (1974-1978)

1978: Peace and Freedom Primaries General (Part 1) General (Part 2) The Presidency of Frank Church (1978-1982)

1982: The People's President Primaries General (Part 1) General (Part 2) The Presidency of Jerry Brown (1982-1986)

1986: Revenge of the Hat? Primaries General (Part 1) General (Part 2) The Presidency of John Glenn (1986-1990)

1990: Clear Green Water Primaries General (Part 1) General (Part 2) The Presidency of John Glenn (1990-1994)

1994: Rebirth of a Nation Primaries General (Part 1) General (Part 2) The Presidency of ??????? (1994-1998)

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