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-====== ​Ambar ======+====== ​EdFor ======
-  * Name: Ambar- Ideias no Papel S.A+  * Name: EdFor S.A
   * Type: Sociedade Anónima   * Type: Sociedade Anónima
-  * Industry: ​Office & educationaal materials, home paper and gifts +  * Industry: ​Automobile Manufacturer 
-  * Founded: ​1939 +  * Founded: ​1937 
-  * Founder: ​Américo Barbosa+  * Founder: ​Eduardo Ferreirinha
   * Headquarters:​ Porto, Portuguese Federation   * Headquarters:​ Porto, Portuguese Federation
   * Area served: Portuguese Federation, Lusitania Commonwealth,​ Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe   * Area served: Portuguese Federation, Lusitania Commonwealth,​ Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe
-  * Products: ​office material (Lever arch filesnotebooks, files..) back to school (backpacks, pencil cases, ringbinders…) and products for home (Photo Albums, organisers, wrapping systems…)+  * Products: ​Sports Carsluxury sports cars
-  * Services: ​Office, educational and home Paper products and materials ​+  * Services: ​Automobiles ​
-Ambar based in Porto, Portuguese Federation. Founded in 1939 is the largest book binder, office ​and educational supply company ​in the Federation ​and commonwealth with over 5,000 employees+EdFor based in Porto, Portuguese Federation. Founded in 1937 is the premier automobile sports car and luxury sports car manufacturer ​in the Federation.
 ===== **History** ===== ===== **History** =====
-Ambar was founded in 1939 by Américo Barbosawith bookbinding ​as its main activity. Its name derives from the first two syllables of the name of the founder+EdFor was founded in 1937 by Eduardo Ferreirinha, as the country'​s ​first completely built automobile in the country
-In the 1940s the company expanded and opened a second ​plant north of Lisbon to serve the growing commercial office supply ​while its Porto plant expanded ​to meet the massive educational demand for paper and school products.+In the 1940s the company expanded and opened a larger manufacturing ​plant. Following ​the war the company expanded into luxury family cars while maintaining ​its predominant sports car as the main automobile. It continued ​to produce racing models and its car finished in the country'​s ​and European racing in the top 5 every year 
-In the 1950s the company ​expanded by opening a plant in Panjim to produce a variety of business ​and educational backpacks, briefcases ​and attaché cases.+In the 1950s the company ​started producing the E series sports car for general sales competing with high end sport car manufacturers from Italy such as Lotus and Ferrari. From 1954-1959 Harry Rugeroni ​and Agostinho Sousa Roxo alternated winning the F1 each year racing special EdFor racing vehicles.
-In the 1960s the company expanded ​into the Federation ​and opened a subsidiary in Brazil and Argentina.+In the 1960s the company expanded ​production becoming one of the worlds four largest sports car and luxury sports car manufacturers.
-In 1992Américo Barbosa ​died, and his daughterIsabel Barbosa, became Chairman of the Board of Directors. ​Her main mission was to continue the work of her father, introducing into his project a priority objective of growth and dissemination of the Ambar brand throughout ​the world, promoting innovation ​and greater emotional involvement in all products.+In 1979Eduardo Ferreirinha ​died, and his sonJoao Ferreirinha, became Chairman of the Board of Directors. ​Under his leadership ​the company increased production with the G series mass production sports car. Called the fastest ​and most powerful mass production sports car on the market it went head to head with German car manufacturer Porch. 
 +Today EdFor– produces 4 (four) different line of sports and high end vehicles. 
 +EdFor Grand Sport (1937)  
 +Curtesy of EdFor Automobile Museum
-In the 1990s the company expanded into the home market manufacturing a variety of Photo Albums, organisers, wrapping systems. ​ 
-In 2004, Ambar changed its name to AMBAR – IDEAS NO PAPEL, SA, a move to accompany a well-defined change in its strategy, based on three key aspects: creativity, focus on the consumer, internationalization. ​ 
-Today AMBAR – IDEAS NO PAPEL, SA, products are found all over the world and is ranked as one of the top 10 office and educational supply companies in the world. 
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