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Eagles and Hawks

Written by LSCatilina, this medieval timeline is his first only one so far. Complete re-writing of Lex Visigothorum, it depicts the birth of nations and kingdoms in Spain and Western Europe after the Islamic conquest of 711.

It's planned to cover the period between 710 and 1250's; 710-762 being the only finished, and 762-816 and 816-839 at the state of sketches.

The timeline have a “historical” point of view, confronting vision of events, and offering cultural, institutional, technological aspects of the situation at the end of the parts.


Point of Divergence

This timeline is based on multiple little PoDs, critically for the situations where the first one doesn't affect the situation at longer term.

The first PoD occurs when visigothic kings Roderic and Agila reluctantly accepted to settle their disputes after the XX Council of Toletum. The others concern the history of Franks and Aquitains.


Part I - 710-762

The Islamic conquest still happens, with the Visigoths succeeding to keep Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Vasconia, North-Eastern Tarraconesa and Septimania. But the Visigoths are divided, and these territories quickly became the Kingdom of Cantabria, the Kingdom of Gothia, and the Pyreneans Marches. If the Cantabrians manage to became quite independents from Umayyad's grasp, with Alfonso I becoming king much earlier, Gothia falls quickly under Aquitain, then Frankish influence.

After the conquest, a failed attempt of assassination against 'Abd al-'Aziz ibn Musa forced him to proclaim himself “Amir al Spanj”, being eventually defeated and killed by al-Hurr that will be killed during a raid in Aquitaine. Maslamah became eventually governor during nearly a decade and after several revolts and a situation of civil war, Abd al Rahman and his brother manage to take control of the peninsula. As the factions in Al-Andalus are more important than OTL (including Syrians, Umayyads and other Muslims as well Christian nobles called “Gotandolos”), Abd al-Rahman had to fight them more often, becoming slowly paranoid. The Emirate of Išbīliya is becoming nevertheless the main power in the peninsula.

If the Gaul is less touched by islamic raids, the Pippinids took nevertheless still the crown off Merovingian's hands and, being victorious against their enemies in Aquitania and Bavaria, manage to take control of all the Frankish Kingdom. The Pippin's campaign in Italy allowed the constitution of the Ducatus Romanus in the Patrimony of St-Peter. But thanks to a more earlier entente with the Lombards, the Duchy of Ravenna became a separate part of Italy, under both Frankish and papal influence.

Part II - 762-816 Incoming


MNP's timeline, The Raptor of Spain, as well as Guy Gavriel Kay's novel, The Lions of Al-Rassan, served as a source of inspiration.

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