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Dawn of a System

Five part timeline by Noravea, focusing on the rise of a new American political system in the future, and later, the Third World War.

Part I: Dawn of a System (2016-2018)

This timeline mainly follows the 2016 election and primaries, where Jon Huntsman defeats Martin O'Malley in a surprise upset. A mysterious internet organization of moderate Republicans, called the Torchlight, begins to appear.

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Part II: Dawn of a System: Continued (2018-2031)

This timeline covers Jon Huntsman's narrow defeat by Andrew Cuomo and 2020, and his two prosperous terms, and the beginning of a new Cold War with Putinist Russia. A Social Democratic Party appears as the Blue Dog Caucus under North Carolina Senator Heath Shuler gains power in the Democratic Party, and Torchlight Founder Nicholas Caeus's social liberal National Republicans begin a slow takeover of the GOP. It also covers the three way fight the 2028 election between Deval Patrick, Rand Paul and Lisa Murkowski. Caeus becomes New York Governor and RNC chairman, and eventually dissolves the Republican Party, creating the new National Republican Party.

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Part III: The Dream Lives On (2031-2035)

This timeline covers the wild ride of the 2032 election, with the National Republicans going into the fight as an odd, but feeble mix of conservatives and progressive under the first LGBT presidential candidate, New York Governor Nicholas Caeus. The leader of the Blue Dog Caucus and conservative North Carolina Senator Heath Shuler fights his own party to get the Democratic nomination. A third party candidate, Social Democratic Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin hopes to shake things up a little, and take California, Wisconsin, Maryland, Massachusetts and Vermont to throw the election to the House. Caeus uses Nixonian means to ensure his victory, Shuler flips the electoral map to send the Great Plains and deep South solid Blue, and America focuses on foreign policy as the economy crashes down around them. Caeus eventually wins, but Shuler and Illinois Representative Lucas Merhoff take the Blue Dogs and Conservative National Republicans to form a new fourth party, the America First Party. As America's political bickering gets the best of us, the empowered Russian Federation attacks the U.S.'s major cities in the aggressive October Storm attacks. America responds, and the world is at war again.

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Part IV: The New Order (January 2035-September 2035)

The New Order covers the immediate aftermath of the October Storm attacks that ignited the Third World War. President Nicholas Caeus is still dealing with the loss of half his family as Russian and Chinese (Later Eurasian) forces pour into Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia. Other fronts include South America and Africa, where Eurasian allies are fighting off the military forces of the Allied powers. The New Order also covers the dissolution of the United States government and the establishment of what is dubbed “The New Order”. It ends with Eurasia swarming into Western Germany, the Allies in Korea in the retreat, Hokkaido occupied, and Africa a massive battlefield.

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Part V: To End All Wars (September 2035-????)

Instead of taking a newsreader-style format with the occasional vignette, To End All Wars is a complete narrative of the Third World War, primarily covering several major plot lines. Nicholas Caeus and his staff as events in the war continue, Anastasia Volkova and her side of the war in Moscow, and various segments depicting the actual war.

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