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Cronus Invictus : An Alternate Console Wars

A special-interest late 20th century video game system timeline by Thande. The inspiration came to him when he was trying to sleep on a Thursday night in the sure and certain knowledge he was going to have to wave cuvettes in a German's face in the morning.

Don't ask.

The timeline can be found here.

Premise and POD

Anyway, the timeline is a “devil in the details”, cultural affair looking at the Console Wars of the 1990s. The POD is actually in 1988: Nintendo realise earlier on that their contract with Sony to make a CD add-on for the then-conceptual SNES would give Sony unacceptable creative control. Instead of publicly falling out with Sony in 1991 and shaming Sony into making the PlayStation out of revenge, the two settle their differences and continue their collaboration.

Although the POD is this early, only minor butterflies result from the next few years, including Nintendo's successful prosecution of Camerica resulting in the banning of the NES Game Genie.


This TL is currently on hiatus.

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