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Cradling Camelot

Written by RogueBeaver. The POD: July 27, 1999 over Nantucket Sound. Windshear causes the GPWS on JFK Jr's plane to activate, preventing his death. The TL has been completed on December 2009 and was Turtledove Award candidate. Read it here.

Main Characters

* John Kennedy Jr., aka “John-John”

* Hillary Rodham Clinton

* John McCain

* Bobby Jindal

* Tony Blair

* Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

Interesting events

* JFK Jr is elected to his uncle Robert's NY Class I Senate seat in 2000 held IOTL by Hillary Clinton.

* Hillary Clinton is elected Democratic Senator for Illinois in 2000, the seat formerly held by President Obama.

* President John McCain

* UK Prime Minister Peter Mandelson

* Federal Philippines under Gloria Arroyo

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