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Chaos: The Presidential Election of 1996

A timeline by Jasen777. The PoD is the death of Alma Powell in a car accident. Without his wife, Colin Powell launches himself into politics with his full energy.

Not wanting to face President Clinton in the Democratic primaries, or Senator Dole in the Republican Primaries (polls showed him well behind Dole for the Republican primaries and his pro-choice stance would be unpopular with Republican voters), Powell decides to run as an independent. Much chaos thus results.

The timeline is told in the form of excerpts from fictional books titled “Chaos: A History of the 1996 Presidential Election” and “The Autobiography of Dick Morris,” as well as newspaper articles.

Electoral Maps for this timeline.

The timeline and discussion can be read on the forum: here.

Version 1.2 of the timeline has some small changes and extends the scenario through the 2000 election.

Not at all related to the Chaos timeline. ;-)

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