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 The following of the list is of the most important leagues, and the teams that play in them The following of the list is of the most important leagues, and the teams that play in them
-American League (USA)+**American League (USA)**
 American League East American League East
--Boston Red Sox +  * Boston Red Sox 
--Miami Marlins +  ​* ​Miami Marlins 
--New York Yankees +  ​* ​New York Yankees 
--Philadelphia Athletics +  ​* ​Philadelphia Athletics 
--Washington Senators +  ​* ​Washington Senators 
-             ​+
 American League Central  ​ American League Central  ​
--Atlanta White Sox   +  *Atlanta White Sox   
--Cleveland Indians ​  +  *Cleveland Indians ​  
--Detroit Tigers ​  +  *Detroit Tigers ​  
--Kansas City Blues +  *Kansas City Blues 
--Minnesota Twins+  *Minnesota Twins
 American League West American League West
--Calgary Cougars +  *Calgary Cougars 
--Los Angeles Angels +  *Los Angeles Angels 
--Seattle Rainers +  *Seattle Rainers 
--Texas Rainers+  *Texas Rainers
- +**National League (USA)**
-National League (USA)+
 National League East            ​ National League East            ​
--Baltimore Orioles +  *Baltimore Orioles 
--Brooklyn Dodgers +  *Brooklyn Dodgers 
--Carolina Knights +  *Carolina Knights 
--New York Yankees +  *New York Giants 
--Tampa Bay Zephyrs +  *Tampa Bay Zephyrs 
--Toronto Canadians+  *Toronto Canadians
 National League Central National League Central
--Chicago Cubs +  *Chicago Cubs 
--Cincinnati Reds +  *Cincinnati Reds 
--Milwaukee ​Brewers +  *Milwaukee ​Braves 
--Pittsburgh Pirates +  *Pittsburgh Pirates 
--St Louis Cardinals+  *St Louis Cardinals
 National League West National League West
--Colorado Rockies +  *Colorado Rockies 
--Houston Astros +  *Houston Astros 
--Phoenix Coyotes +  *Phoenix Coyotes 
--San Diego Padres +  *San Diego Padres 
--San Francisco Seals +  *San Francisco Seals
 +**Japanese League**
-Central League ​(Japan) +Central League  
--Chunichi Dragons +  *Chunichi Dragons 
--Hanshin Tigers  +  *Hanshin Tigers  
--Hiroshima Toyo Carp +  *Hiroshima Toyo Carp 
--Tokyo Yakult Swallows +  *Tokyo Yakult Swallows 
--Yokohama BayStars +  *Yokohama BayStars 
--Yomiuri Giants+  *Yomiuri Giants
 Pacific League Pacific League
--Chiba Lotte Marines +  *Chiba Lotte Marines 
--Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks +  *Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks 
--Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters +  *Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters 
--Orix Buffaloes +  *Orix Buffaloes 
--Seibu Lions +  *Seibu Lions 
--Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles+  *Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles
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