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Aztlan (The Many Nations of North America)

The State of Aztlan is a nation in North America, covering the former state of Arizona. It is predominantly Hispanic, and its terrain is largely arid. Throughout its history, Mexico and Texas have vied for political control over the nation, which was allied with Texas during the North American War.


After the First Civil War, the Arizona and New Mexico territories became part of the Confederate States of America. However, after the Texan secession in 1874, Texas vied for control of the territories in the Texan-Confederate War of 1876, but was defeated. The territories became states of the Confederate States of America.

During the Final Civil War, New Mexico and Arizona were invaded by Mexico in 1933, sparking the Mexican-Californian War. After the war ended in 1938, Mexico was forced to grant independence to the states. Mexico set up the People's Republic of Aztlan, a one-party Marxist state dominated by the Aztlan Revolutionary Party, and existing essentially as a Mexican satellite. Under its 20-year rule, the ARP set up a repressive socialist dictatorship, under which much of the population was forced out of the cities and onto harsh, unyielding farmland in order to provide agricultural self-suffiency. Thousands died from widespread famine as a result. Political rivals were publically executed and contact with the outside world (with the exception of Mexico, which provided military backing for the ARP) was completely cut off. It is estimated that up to 1 000 000 people died as a result of ARP policies, both intentionally and unintentionally.

Finally, in 1956 Texas invaded, quickly overthrowing the ARP government. In the following Texan-Mexican War, Texas gained the Mexican states of Chihuahua and Coahuila, and managed to assure Aztlan sovereignty. A puppet state, the State of Aztlan, was set up in Aztlan.

In its early years, the State of Aztlan was reasonably democratic; multiparty elections were held in 1956, 1960 and 1964. However, in 1964 the Aztlan Communist Party, a successor to the ARP, was elected to power, and began making new overtures to Mexico. Texas rapidly invaded, overthrowing the Communist government and setting up Paul Fannin, an Arizona businessman, as military dictator, a post he held until his death in 2002.

Following the coup, Aztlan was a repressive, brutal dictatorship, with dissent held in check by Texan military forces, who continued to maintain bases in Aztlan. Hardline conservative social and economic policies were introduced by Fannin, with segregationist policies against the Indian and African-American populations. The nation remained poor, with much of the population emigrating overseas, especially to Germany.

In the North American War, Aztlan sided with Texas in its invasion of Louisiana, and sent forces to the front line of the conflict. German bombing destroyed Santa Fe in retailiation in 2001. In 2002, Paul Fannin died, and Aztlan collapsed into anarchy, withdrawing from the war as a result. During the period of anarchy, the nation was largely divided between feuding warlords.

In 2004, a leading warlord, Gary Johnson, came to power, backed by Mexico, having defeated the last of the rival warlords and seized Phoenix, the capital of Aztlan. Elections were held later in 2004, in which Johnson was unanimously returned to power. His Aztlan Party gained a majority of seats in the bicameral Aztlan legislature. Aztlan was one of the signatories to the San Francisco Treaty.

Government and politics

Aztlan is a unitary state, governed by a directly elected President. As of 2006, Gary Johnson is President. Legislative functions are held by the bicameral Aztlan Parliament.

Party politics are currently in turmoil in Aztlan; in the elections of 2004, Symington was unanimously elected, and his Aztlan Party gained a majority of seats in the Aztlan Parliament, opposed only by a handful of independents and minor parties. International observers noticed anomalies within the election result, with rumours of corruption, bribes and blackmail rife during the campaign.

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