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Astonishing The World

Astonishing The World is a timeline based on this map and scenario by Nekromans, with the premise of an Austrian intervention in the Crimean War on Russia's side (then again, stranger things have happened IOTL). The TL can be found here.

The title is a play on the famous quote from Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph at the beginning of our Crimean War - “We shall astonish the world with our ingratitude”, referring to the Russian help in 1848, when it looked like Austria would be torn apart by rebellion.


The point of divergence is a rebellion in Lemberg (Lvov) in Austrian Galicia, which is suppressed by Russian troops in exchange for Austrian aid in a war against the Ottoman Empire.

Major Events

  • The Danubian War - TTL's version of the Crimean War (though without a Crimean front). Sides: Britain, France, Prussia, Ottoman Empire VS Russia, Austria. Ends in stalemate-ish, but Poland is made independent, and Moldavia is given to Russia.
  • The American Civil War - started some years early ITTL due to Lincoln's premature return to politics, the Confederation of American States (OTL CSA minus Virginia and North Carolina) breaks free[1], thanks to Anglo-French intervention in the war.
  • The War of 1859 - France and Austria team up to kick Sardinia back into the sixteenth century. No Kingdom of Italy founded, and Italy remains largely disunited as a result.

[1]“Free” in the sense that an independent Scotland would be “free”.

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