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Andorran Timelines and Scenarios

Andorra-centered TLs

  • LOSERS - The League of Small European Republics and States TL by Petike - Appears as one of the 7 small European countries featured in this frivolous ASB TL. The whole point of the TL is creating a logistically and economically plausible army and air force (or their equivalents) for each of the featured countries, all within a 20th century timeframe.
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TLs in which the country makes appearances

  • The No Spanish Civil War Timeline by Dr. Strangelove - Andorra is invaded by Germany on the 18th of February 1941, starting with a paratrooper attack on the capital of Andorra la Vella. The Germans are victorious, but volunteer reservists of the recently created Andorran Defence Force put up quite a fight before they're forced to capitulate. Eventually, the German occupation ends after 2 years, being driven out by Spanish forces. Andorra becomes the Western European country with the largest percentage of deaths during WWII and ends up sending a small contingent of determined soldiers under Spanish command to the liberation of France. Andorra's wartime struggle is commemorated 50 years later in the New York Times.
  • Decades of Darkness by Jared - After the Third Congress of Vienna (1885-1886), Aragon gained the Balearic Islands and Andorra from France. The only other significance the (now former) country plays in the TL is the renewal and extension of the Anglo-French alliance into the Andorra Pact, signed in January 1927 between Britain, France and Aragon. The Andorra Pact becomes an explicitly defensive alliance of these three countries. In November 1927, the previous Andorra Pact was expanded to form the Bouclier [shield], a mutual defensive pact between Britain, France, Italy, Aragon and Morocco.
  • Reverse Sealion TL by Emmett McFly55 - At the start of September 1940, conscription is formally introduced in Andorra for all young men above 21. In August 1941, Andorra is issued an ultimatum by the Spanish government, ordering the little state to accept ‘protection’ from them. With the world distracted in the Balkans, the principality has no choice but to oblige. In July 1942, Spanish government officials give Andorra an ultimatum (after agreement about this issue is reached at the Grand Conference): Andorra shall ask for incorporation into Spain as an autonomous region, or be annexed without any autonomy, and have its leaders deported. The Andorrans choose for the former, and unsurprisingly, their request was granted the following month…
  • Union and Liberty: An American TL by wilcoxchar - In 1866, while the local authorities in Andorra claimed no knowledge of the Spanish incursion, Louis-Napoleon declared war on Andorra and the country was annexed into France after kicking the Spanish detachment out of the principality. (Chapter 53: The French Advances Stalls)
  • Look to the West by Thande - Many were surprised by the Scandinavian-style appearance of the Andorran flag in this TL. Thande explained it: “Basically, it's because Spain for a long time used a Scandinavian cross flag in TTL (which they nearly adopted in OTL) and Andorra has borrowed the basic design. As with the OTL Andorran flag, it mixes the colours of France and Spain.” Also, Andorra was abolished by the French during the Jacobin Wars and, at the Congress of Copenhagen, was attached to the Aragonese crown, but was restored to codominium at the 1835 Congress of Brussels.
  • In Defense of Humanity: Canadian Power Meets Doomsday by TheMann - Post-Doomsday Andorra is briefly mentioned as succesfully reverting to its pre-Doomsday status (1983) by July 2020.
  • World War III in May 1946 by Hairog - There is mention of a “Soviet 1st South-Western Front stretching from Bordeaux to Andorra”.
  • Prospero's Prosperity: Spanish Habsburgs Don't Die Out 1700 by Velasco - Mentioned as a fiefdom a few times in this old unfinished timeline.
  • Legacy of the Glorious by Milarqui - At the Treaty of Frankfurt (1870), the Empress Dowager of France, in the name of her son Napoleon IV, transfers his dynastic rights over the Princedom of Andorra to Leopold of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen and his heirs.
  • Gorbachev Mk II by LacheyS - Andorra changes its constitution on the 2nd of February 1991. And that's about it for references within the TL…
  • A European ISOT by Abhakhazia - Andorra and Catalonia from 1975 are among the ISOTed territories.
  • United States of the Americas and Oceania Version 2.0 by Eurofed - The Pope is kicked out of Italy in the 1830s and resettles to Andorra. The governments of France and Spain agreed to secure the political independence of the Papacy by setting up Andorra as a Papal Principality.
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