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An execution preempted: A lethal Otsu incident

A Russian empire centered TL by yboxman. You can read it here.


A list of all the official installments of the timeline

#1 - An execution preempted: A lethal Otsu incident - Czarevitch Nikolai Alexandrovich has a bad day.

#2 - Montezuma: First version, Revised version - Musings of Emperor Meiji and meeting with George Alexandrovich.

#3 - Railroaded - A funeral in Vladivostok

#4 - Russian Boiler room - Russo-Japanese negations

#5 - In the shadow of the Lion - The convention of Vladivostok

#6 - Homecoming - George Alexandrovich's nightmares and meeting with father.

#7 - Three weddings and a funeral

#8 - 1893

#9 - 1894a: The Siberian Pale

#10 - 1894b: Talking bout the revolution

#11 - 1894c: The Armenian question

#12 - 1894d: War and peace

#13 - 1894e: Road to war

#14 - Cry havoc... - No more peace in Asia

#15 - ...and unleash the dogs of war - Fog and fleets

#16 - Never bring a battleship to a knife fight - Battle of the Yellow Sea

#17 - Kuropatkin's gambit - War in Ottoman Armenia

#18 - Yalu bound - No battle plan ever survives contact with the unknown enemy: Pyongyang edition

#19 - Domestic affairs / Home front - First version, Revised version - Elena and George

#20 - Endgame - The end of the Eastern question

#21 - Brave leopard commander Lee-Si-Tzin - Crossing the Yalu

#22 - The Saviors of Saloniki

#23 - Heroic measures

#24 - Ghosts of Bismark past - Another Berlin Conference

Map #1 - Anatolia and the Mashriq 1896

Map #2 - The Balkans 1896

Map #3 - Ethnographic map of Macedonia in the the 1890s

#25 - On stranger currents - A Russian fleet in the Red Sea

#26 - Antiochus and Gaius

#27 - Many happy returns

#28 - Zemlya

Dramatis Personae

A list of important historical figures in the timeline

POV Characters:

  • Nikolai Alexandrovich of Russia AKA OTL Nicholas II - George's ill-fated brother.
  • George Alexandrovich of Russia - the main character of the timeline. The POD is him avoiding his OTL tuberculosis infection which prevented him from joining his brother's eastern voyage.
  • Elena of Montenegro - the bright bride.
  • Sergei Witte - architect of Russia's railroad expansion, financial reform and “Pivot to Asia”, has a closer and more stable relation with his emperor ITTL.
  • Mutsuhito of Japan aka Emperor Meiji - not as lucky as IOTL.
  • Yuan Shikai - still too ambitious for everyone's good.
  • Seyid Riza - a Zaza Alevi leader from Dersim in Eastern Anatolia.
  • Hrayr Dzhoghk - Armenian Revolutionary federation leader, now an NCO in the Armenian volunteers under Nikolai Yudenich.
  • Mustafa Kemal: As the Ottoman empire crumbles, Kemal is still a teenager and is left adrift in Saloniki. What fate lays in wait for Ata Turk?
  • Ahmed Djemal AKA Djemal Pasha: Not known for his military acumen OTL, the junior military engineering officer finds responsibility, and perhaps greatness, thrust upon him as Russian forces advance into Eastern Anatolia.
  • Alexander Vasilyevich Kolchak

Non PoV historical characters:

  • Alexander Alexandrovich of Russia aka Emperor Alexander III. - Their father. The Shadow of the Giant lies heavily over his son and the Russian empire
  • Kuropatkin - The sometimes brilliant General has received an early appointment as War minister.
  • Nikolai Yudenich - This rarely competent Russian general, and Kuropatkin's crony from their Turkestan post is securing Russia's gains in Eastern Anatolia 20 years ahead of schedule - using many of the same methods he used OTL.
  • Stepan Osipovich Makarov - the brilliant admiral

Non historical PoV characters:

Ito Harabe - A Japanese infantryman providing a view of the Sino-Japanese war from the trenches.

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