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 +====First Administration====
 +| ^First Administration,​ United States^^^^^^
 +^Years |1785-1789||||||
 +^Office^Name^Preceded by^Followed by^Home State^Years in Service^Political Party|
 +^Executive Chair |George Washington|//​Office Created//​|~|VA|1785-~|//​Not Affiliated//​|
 +^Constitutional Chair | George Mason|//​Office Created//​|~|VA|1785-~|//​Not Affiliated//​|
 +^Chair of State |Thomas Jefferson|//​Office Created//​|~|VA|1785-~|Democratic-Republican|
 +^Chair of the Treasury |Alexander Hamilton|//​Office Created//​|~|NY|1785-~|Federalist|
 +^Chair of Defense |Henry Knox|//​Office Created//​|~|NY|1785-~|Federalist|
 +^Chair of Justice |John Jay|//​Office Created//​|~|MA|1785-~|Federalist|
 +^Chair of the Interior |John Adams|//​Office Created//​|~|MA|1785-~|Federalist|
 +The Federalist Party was the largest early party, which supported a large government, national bank, and political consolidation. The Democratic-Republican party was a close second, and was pro-States, and agriculturally based. This ticket was nominated by Benjamin Franklin, who saw it as a recipe of an American unity. The entire ticket would be re-elected. John Adams introduced the postal system, and commissioned James Monroe to explore the coast of the West. George Washington also helped Germany form a government. A smaller bank, with a standardized front and state-made back, is introduced. A 12 square mile Federal District was planned in southern Maryland and northern Virginia. A massive military, originally in Hamilton'​s hands, but Edmond Randolph would override this, giving it to Henry Knox in //Knox v. Congress of the United States//.
 +A few knew states, commonwealths,​ and territories. Louisiana Territory was renamed the Arkansas Territory.
 +^Name^Status^Capitol^Admission year^Status #​^Abbreviation^Notes^
 +|Vermont|State|Montpelier|1783|15th State|VE|Advanced from Commonwealth|
 +|Nova Scotia|State|Halifax|1785|16th State|NS|Advanced from Commonwealth|
 +|Tennessee|Commonwealth|Nashville|1785|6th Commonwealth|TN|Advanced from Territory|
 +|Kentucky|Commonwealth|Louisville|1785|7th Commonwealth|KN|Split from Tennessee|
 +|Mississippi|Commonwealth|Jackson|1785|8th Commonwealth|MI|Advanced from Commonwealth|
 +|Erie|Commonwealth|Columbus|1785|9th Commonwealth|ER|Broke from Ohio Territory|
 +|Louisiana|Commonwealth|New Orleans|1785|10th Commonwealth|LA|Broke from Louisiana (now Arkansas) Territory|
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