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First Administration

First Administration, United States
Years 1785-1789
OfficeNamePreceded byFollowed byHome StateYears in ServicePolitical Party
Executive Chair George WashingtonOffice Created~VA1785-~Not Affiliated
Constitutional Chair George MasonOffice Created~VA1785-~Not Affiliated
Chair of State Thomas JeffersonOffice Created~VA1785-~Democratic-Republican
Chair of the Treasury Alexander HamiltonOffice Created~NY1785-~Federalist
Chair of Defense Henry KnoxOffice Created~NY1785-~Federalist
Chair of Justice John JayOffice Created~MA1785-~Federalist
Chair of the Interior John AdamsOffice Created~MA1785-~Federalist

The Federalist Party was the largest early party, which supported a large government, national bank, and political consolidation. The Democratic-Republican party was a close second, and was pro-States, and agriculturally based. This ticket was nominated by Benjamin Franklin, who saw it as a recipe of an American unity. The entire ticket would be re-elected. John Adams introduced the postal system, and commissioned James Monroe to explore the coast of the West. George Washington also helped Germany form a government. A smaller bank, with a standardized front and state-made back, is introduced. A 12 square mile Federal District was planned in southern Maryland and northern Virginia. A massive military, originally in Hamilton's hands, but Edmond Randolph would override this, giving it to Henry Knox in Knox v. Congress of the United States.

A few knew states, commonwealths, and territories. Louisiana Territory was renamed the Arkansas Territory.

NameStatusCapitolAdmission yearStatus #AbbreviationNotes
VermontStateMontpelier178315th StateVEAdvanced from Commonwealth
Nova ScotiaStateHalifax178516th StateNSAdvanced from Commonwealth
TennesseeCommonwealthNashville17856th CommonwealthTNAdvanced from Territory
KentuckyCommonwealthLouisville17857th CommonwealthKNSplit from Tennessee
MississippiCommonwealthJackson17858th CommonwealthMIAdvanced from Commonwealth
ErieCommonwealthColumbus17859th CommonwealthERBroke from Ohio Territory
LouisianaCommonwealthNew Orleans178510th CommonwealthLABroke from Louisiana (now Arkansas) Territory
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