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American Union of Liberal Parties

The American Union of Liberal Parties is a pan-national organisation uniting social liberal, economic liberal and libertarian parties across North America. It serves as one of the major international forums in North America, due to the predominance of several of its members in several North American nations, including Pacifica and New England.

The American Union of Liberal Parties was established in 1975 by Prime Minister of Pacifica Robert Straub and Chancellor of New England Michael Dukakis, who was later made Lord Dukakis, as a forum for cooperation between the National Secular Democratic Alliance of Pacifica and the New England Whig Party. The organisation later expanded, and currently has 9 members from around America, and 2 observer parties. The current head of the organisation is Chancellor of New England John Kerry.

Curiously, both the government and main opposition parties in New England and California are members of the organisation.

Current Members

Observer Parties

Former Members

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