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 +====== American Irgun ======
 +While the origins of the American Irgun are unknown it is believed that the organisation originated in New York City in the late 80's among the city's large Jewish population. By the early 90's the group had chapters in every area of large Jewish populations. While never playing a major role during the North American war, the organization was active in [[The Texas-Louisiana Front (The Many Nations of North America)|Louisiana]] (Operating from Miami) & in Deseret (Operating from California). Among it's believed achievements was the assasination of [[Supremacy League (The Many Nations of North America)|Supremacy League Leader]], [[David Duke (The Many Nations of North America)|David Duke]].
 +The American Irgun is a rightist Zionist group closely aligned with the Revisionist Movement. Most of the organization'​s funding came from Israel, and German and Russian Jews and the German Army was believed to have trained many of the members.
 +The current status of the organization is now unknown.
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