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A Most Fortunate Arrow

A semi-collaborative TL created and edited by The Bald Imposter. If you are interested in contributing, please PM The Bald Imposter or see the discussion page.


The Bald Imposter: Editor
Haggis: Africa


In 179 B.C., Roman dominion in Iberia suffers a serious setback when Praetor Lucius Postumius Albinus is defeated by Lusitani tribes. Propraetor Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus is ambushed and killed by Iberian rebels as he rushes to fight the Lusitani.
Butterflies are immediately noticed across the Mediterranean, as Rome shifts its attention to the deteriorating situation in Spain. The ancient Republic of Carthage, defeated by Rome in two wars, perhaps has a second chance to survive. And in the East, Seleucid Emperor Mithridates Epiphanes sees his chance at a greater empire..

A Few Words


amBandu-Single Bandu

vamBandu- More than one Bandu

isiBandu-Language of the Bandu

Bakishwa-Nation Builder

Tshwerwe Tlala-Held by Hunger (The Great Devourer)

Temabakil-The Devoted (crazed fanatics loyal to Tshwerwe Tlala)

Ishwafuzi-Water Land (Island)

Izwesha- New Land (Americas)

vamUkhum-Ship People

isiUkhum-Ship talk

isiUmsezi-Language of trade

vamImpa-Warrior People




Religion of the vamBandu

Tshwerwe Tlala, Lord of the Dead and the Wars and The Great Sea and the Feasts

Melquart, Lord of the Sun and the Dirt and the Bones of All People

Idlozi (Ancestral Spirits) of the vamBandu:

Elissar- The Foundation Mother (Umame)

Dido- Servant of Umame

Magon Barca- Umlima (The Farmer)

Hannibal Barca- Ujene (The General)

Hasdrubal the Fair

Mel karth

Baraq- Unyazi (The Lightning)

Hannibal the Rhodian- Indadfuzi (The Sailor)

Gisgo- Ujenencane (The Little General)

Annon (Merciful) the Navigator

Saphanbaal – Umsebenza (The Dutiful One)

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