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A Lenin-less World

A timeline by Hnau detailing how history would change if Vladimir Lenin had contracted typhus and died in the year 1900. Without his influence the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party starts to split only by mid-1917 at the instigation of Alexander Shlyapnikov and the left-wing is never influenced by Leninist philosophy. The February Revolution happens in OTL, but things start to really diverge in May when Prince Lvov refuses to open up the Provisional Government to more socialists because of a lack of popular pressure that would have been created by Lenin if he was still alive. This policy leads to a second revolution in July led by the Kronstadt sailors which dissolves the Provisional Government and puts the Petrograd Soviet into power much sooner than OTL. The Soviet, lacking confidence in its own leadership, makes an election to a Constituent Assembly their first priority. The Socialist-Revolutionary Party wins the August elections in a landslide, being the more popular party in our timeline and even more popular in this one. Party leader Victor Chernov is elected Chairman and pushes for an immediate peace with the Central Powers. After signing a peace treaty with the Central Powers which cedes Russian territory, Chernov is replaced by his rival Vladimir Zenzinov as Chairman. Russia develops as a democratic federation without a significant Civil War, without the Red Terror, famines or collectivization, giving it a significant advantage over the Soviet Union of OTL.

A Lenin-less World can be read on the forum here.

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