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Imperium Aeternum - Chronology : 43 BC (The Caesarian Wars)

The Senate is completely reorganized in early Feb. in accordance to the Lex Legis Magnus (Great Law). Once again it is Philipatos’ influence that greatly helps create the new Roman Senate. Another important key figure in the organization of the new Senate and the Lex Legis Magnus itself is none other than Cicero. Though he had initially been frightened of Caesar’s Dictatorial and now Imperial powers, he saw Caesar’s attempt to establish a more balanced, efficient government as good for the Republic, even if it meant leaving a huge amount of power in the hands of one man. Cicero is elected the first Princeps Senatus (head or principle Senator) by the new Senate in early March and as a result his OTL Philippics about Antony are never written. Octavian takes on the powers of Imperator Interrex in March after Caesar, Antony, and Brutus leave for northern Greece. One of his first official acts is to commission the completion of the most famous of all Roman forums, the Forum of Caesar, which includes among other things the Curia Senatus (Senatorial Court), the home of the new Senate.

In late May, Caesar's army crosses the northern border of Macedonia and invades Thrace to begin his northern campaign. In June, Caesar engages a Thracian army at Larissa and utterly destroys them by flanking them after using a small force of 10,000 men under Antony as a decoy. This strategy will prove to be successful in future battles. Within 4 months most of Thrace is under control and Caesar rests his army for 4 months while planning the campaign into Pannonia and Dalmatia. Caesar decides to wait until March 42 B.C. to march into Pannonia because of the winter. While camped, his army builds Castrum Thracia, a fort in northwestern Thrace.

Lugdunum is founded in Gaul. The great Roman poet Ovid is born.

In India, Nagasena creates the Emerald Buddha, an important factor in the spread of Buddhism throughout the Roman Empire centuries later.

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