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Imperium Aeternum - Chronology : 35 BC

Caesar begins his journey back to Rome in the Spring, leaving Brutus (who has campaigned with him throughout Germania) as the military governor of all of Germania. Caesar arrives back in Rome in August, claiming power or Postulo Imperium from Octavian, who willingly resigns (temporarily) the powers of Imperator Interrex. Postulo Imperium is a legal term in Roman law meaning that the emperor can “claim power or empire” back from the interim emperor, and though the emperor already is over the interim emperor and assumes his power upon returning to Rome anyway, the ceremony of Postulo Imperium is still performed to this day as a symbol of submitting to the emperor. The opposite of this process in Roman law is Impertio Imperium, or to “bestow power or empire” to the interim emperor. Cleopatra returns to Rome and leaves Pharxes to build a large army for Caesar. Illyria becomes a Roman province, along with Pannonia and Thrace. Caesar bestows the title “Virtus” on Scipio for his bravery during the Germanic campaign.

Antony continues to campaign throughout the Carpathians, subduing several tribes in the process and building fortifications along the mountains.

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