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Imperium Aeternum - Chronology : 25 BC

All of Germania is divided into several provinces. The Via Julia crosses the Hellespont. The Forum Julium is completed in November with the completion of Caesar’s Market or the Emporium Julium. The temple to Neptune on the Circus Flaminius is built. Rome becomes the largest city in the world, passing the Chinese capital Ch’angan.

Agrippa continues to consolidate western Parthia while defeating small rebellions throughout Mesopotamia. He also begins building a large road, known today as the Via Agrippa, and rebuilds infrastructure in Parthian cities.

Scipio advances past the Atrak River in early March and fights a series of battles, known collectively as the Battles of Orodes. Orodes III continually harasses Scipio on his way east toward Merv. Scipio manages to route the Parthian army in five of the battles, but looses the sixth, known as the Battle of Orodes’ Revenge in which his elite heavy cataphracts, the Terribilus decimate Scipio’s infantry. Scipio manages to avoid a complete disaster by using his Roman cavalry to attack the Parthian right flank. In the ensuing battle, Orodes III is fatally wounded, but lives a week with the wound before dieing. Scipio retreats back to Dara until October, when he once again campaigns toward Merv. Caesar hears of Antony’s death and rests the Roman army for 7 days in his honor. Caesar then campaigns north through OTL modern Afghanistan, defeating several tribes in the process and captures Farah and Bactra by the end of the year. Artabanus II becomes the Parthian king after Orodes’ death.

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