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 +======= The Imperium =======
 +The Imperium is the successor state of the original Terran Alliance, based upon the planet Novus Terra. Though it succeeded in reclaiming much of the Alliance’s original territory during the Galactic Civil War, it was forced to recognize the independence of the Frankish Empire, the Confederation,​ and the Ptarian Commonwealth,​ by this point lacking the resources and means to complete the //​Reconquest//​.
 +Currently it is embroiled in what is commonly now called the //Second Galactic Civil War//, between itself and the Frankish Empire.
 +====== Government ======
 +The Imperium prides itself on its democratic institutions,​ most notably its Galactic Parliament, made up of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. However, due to a series of reforms over the last two hundred years, extending even into the time of the Terran Alliance, the House of Lords has gained an ever greater amount of power, to the point of granting the House of Commons a meaningless voice in the day to day operations of the working Administration. As it currently stands:
 +  * Only members of the House of Lords can be candidates for posts within the Imperial Administration.
 +  * Only Baseline Humans can be elected by Planetary Parliaments to the House of Lords.
 +  * Only Baseline Humans within the Planetary Parliaments may vote within the election for the House of Lords. ​
 +  * The House of Lords maintains veto power over all decisions made by the House of Commons.
 +Movements to amend the system in favor of Non-Baseline'​s or nominal Alien races have failed to achieve much result.
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