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 +======== The Frankish Empire ========
 +**The Frankish Empire**, for a sort time known as the **Francian Alliance**, is a collection of systems that splintered from the Terran Alliance during the First Galactic Civil War. Within a year of its creation it came under the strong influence of subversive elements, most notably that of the //"​Troisième Voie"//​ (Anglish: Third Way) who eventually took power and removed many of the Democratic Institutions that posed a threat to their stability. Under the direction of Guide Suprême Edme Duval they managed to maintain their Independence,​ though there was also the significant matter of the Terran Alliance having to suppress rebellions elsewhere. Relations between the Alliance'​s successor, the Imperium, and the Frankish Empire have been tense, especially with the accession of the new Guide Suprême Yann Gwilherm who has in the last decade openly called for war against it.
 +When it was found that they had been funding partisans upon the Imperial world of Xanadar, there were open calls for war within the Imperial Parliament, despite attempts by Lord Minister Bacchus to quiet the dissent. Through the **//Embargo Act of 2554//**, passed despite the Lord Minister’s veto, all trade with the Frankish Empire was forbidden, and all assets of its citizens and government within Imperial space were seized. Since after this time it has been nearly impossible to ascertain as what is occurring within the Empire, with all links between Leon and Novus Terra severed, not much is currently known of the present times there.
 +However, what is known is that on July the 22nd, 2555, the Frankish Empire launched an unprovoked attack upon the Imperial Naval Base on Siplu Prime, crippling the Fifth Imperial Fleet stationed to watch the Imperial-Frankish border, and starting what is now being called the Second Galactic Civil War. As of this time the Empire has occupied the great majority of the systems within the Leonev Verge, and are expanding their control within the Xavian Cloud.
 +====== Civil Rights ======
 +Despite a noticeable lack of political rights within the Empire, the Frankish have also established a strong tradition of equality with other races, in stark contrast to the Baseline-Human-Centric laws prominently featured throughout the Imperium. This is generally traced back to the closeness shared between the original Frankish settlers and the Kerelians that colonized much of the region that makes up the Empire. As a result they have closer relations with the Ptarian Commonwealth and the Confederation,​ to the chagrin of the Imperium. Whether this will have an effect on the conduct of the Second Galactic Civil War remains to be seen.
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