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A Kill in the Morning

An alternate history spy fiction novel written by shimbo. Its setting is a world where Nazi Germany survived the Second World War and is still a menace in world geopolitics.

The original draft of the novel was effectively an alternate history themed James Bond fanfic, but later versions reworked the characters and elements in order to excise any remaining similarities. Still, the novel is in many ways a loving tribute/homage to the golden age of OTL Cold War spy thrillers.

The original thread has been removed in recent years due to the story getting an official release, but Graeme keeps informed about the novel on the "Official A Kill in the Morning Thread".


Over the years, the various versions of the novel had achieved increasing critical success and have won several literary awards, both on and in various official literary contests.

On, the story first won the “Best FanFic/Work Based on Published Fiction” category at the 2009 Turtledove Awards and later the Superlative Award for best overall story at the 2011 Turtledove Awards.

In March, 2013, A Kill in the Morning was shortlisted for the Terry Prachett Award.

In October 2013, it also won the "Book of the Year" category in the YouWriteOn literary contest.

Published version

A Kill in the Morning was first published by a major publisher, Transworld, which is part of Random House Penguin, in June 2014.

Stephen Baxter endorsement

Bestselling sci-fi author Stephen Baxter endorsed A Kill in the Morning saying it was a 'A cracking counterfactual and a terrific debut'.

Reviews of A Kill in the Morning

A Kill in the Morning was reviewed in Britain's largest sci-fi magazine SFX, which gave it a 3.5 star review.

A review of the novel on the Alternate History Weekly Update blog recommended it, although with what it described as “quibbles” about the plot.

Reviews on book blogs have been generally favourable. Graeme maintains a list of links to reviews on his website.

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