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 __Specialisations:​__ Aristocrat, Diplomat \\ __Specialisations:​__ Aristocrat, Diplomat \\
 __Birthplace/​Homeland:​__ [[thick as thieves countries?&#​melza|The City]] \\ __Birthplace/​Homeland:​__ [[thick as thieves countries?&#​melza|The City]] \\
-__Biography:​__ ​ \\+__Biography:​__ ​Originally a native of [[thick as thieves countries?&#​trinitia|Trinitia]]. "​Ora"​ or "​dearest,​ feisty Ora" to her beloved husband. Dortan'​s decision to marry Oroliana was controversial,​ because though she was a noblewoman, she was still considered of unequal standing to him as an actual ruler of a small monarchy.* Now in his late 40s, pushing fifty, and she in her mid-40s, the two are inseparable. Though she's not that political a creature, there are always rumours about "​Ora"​ often doing the heavy lifting when it comes to advising her husband about some of the Barony'​s policies. The people love her anyway, for her genuinely cordial nature. It is said she fraternised a lot with commoners in her youth, and this influenced her.\\
 {{:​shared_worlds:​unis_harelak.jpg?​200|}} {{:​shared_worlds:​unis_harelak.jpg?​200|}}
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