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Thick as Thieves RP - Setting : The Geography of Aporue

Aporue is one of many continents and smaller landmasses of this world, situated in its northern hemisphere. Most of the continent has a mild climate, with warmer climes in the south and colder ones in the northern reaches. Seasonal weather predominates and most of the continent experiences varying versions of winter, spring, summer and autumn/fall. Aporue's coastlines are mostly irregular, jagged and many of the continent's coastal seas features many small and larger islands and archipelagos. The great ocean carresses the coasts of Aporue in the east, while the westernmost edges of the continent give way to endless-seeming steppes, divided from even greater steppe-and-forest pristine wilderness by a gentler-shaped mountain range.

Though it was something of a civilisational backwater in the earliest eras of world history, it eventually became a place of steady advancements, reaching its original apex in the days of what is now called The Old Empire. (Some historians and scholars surmise that the name of the continent itself comes from the empire's extinct lingua franca, (Old) Archontian and possibly denoted a female deity within the imperial religious pantheon.) After the collapse of the empire, it took a few centuries for new successor states and new nations to reforge the situation on the continent into new satisfying directions. Since then, despite some false starts, the various cultures and polities of Aporue have undergone much cultural, social, economic and scientific advances and developments. Now, in the present day, Aporue's societies belong among some of the most technologically and societally developed in the entire known world.

Map of Aporue

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Basic Geography, Countries and Polities

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