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 __Stealthiness:​__ N/A\\ __Stealthiness:​__ N/A\\
 __Availability:​__ Common __Availability:​__ Common
 +**[[https://​​wiki/​Swivel_gun|Swivel gun]]**\\
 +__Description:​__ A small naval gun, used on naval and riverine boats and ships, for point defence or shelling small enemy vessels at a close distance. The name is derived from the platform the guns are placed on, a steel joint on which they can swivel into various horizontal or vertical directions. Considered too dangerous to use on regular airships, after the invention of aeronavs, swivel guns found a use in aerial vehicles as well, whether those of shipping companies or pirates.\\  ​
 +__Advantages:​__ TBA.\\
 +__Reloading time:__ TBA \\
 +__Drawbacks:​__ Long reloading time, fluctuating effectiveness in terms of range and accuracy.\\
 +__Availability:​__ Rare
 **[[https://​​wiki/​Puckle_gun|Rotogun]]**\\ **[[https://​​wiki/​Puckle_gun|Rotogun]]**\\
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