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The actions of the National Socialist Party (Nazi) in Germany and throughout Occupied Europe are utterly reprehensible; the deliberate murder of millions, war of aggression fought with the intention to directly murder millions more, enslavement, medical experiments, kidnapping, violence against noncombatants, PoWs, women and children and a multitude of other grave offenses against human rights.

These actions are depressing, depraved and disgusting–and the Black Table in no way intends to endorse, support or condone them. Indeed, one of the aims of the Black Table is to understand the true nature of the Nazi abuses; to comprehend the violations of human dignity that Hitler and his lieutenants endorsed. It is with this aim that the Black Table hopes to explore the grim reality of Nazi Germany.

I believe that Morality is a choice, and I wish to explore it.

One of my inspirations for this is Stardock's Galactic Civilizations II, which directly explored morality as a means of making choices. This is the same choice I enjoy offering to players–a quick payoff or easy answer vs doing the right thing. A co-creator of this game wanted to try to redeem Nazi Germany, and so one of my goals is to make him try that difficult road.

In any case, I intend no disrespect to those who suffered because of the Nazis. I hope to spread knowledge of their abuses and explore the decisions that led to their behavior–and I believe that that knowledge is a force for good.

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